Nine hours NOT MGS4's actual game length.

Confusion was caused earlier when a N4G news article said 'MGS4 Rated, total running time reveled'

"The information you have gotten comes from the BBFC, which decides a game's rating. They don't play through an entire game and decide the rating, they are given pieces of content. The whole explanation is boring, so just look at these links from the BBFC.


Click the MGS4 link and you'll see where that site got its "scoop" about MGS4 only being 9 hours long. It has nothing to do with the actual length of the game, unless MGS2 is 8 minutes and MGS3 is only 3 hours. It also is not necessarily the cutscene length, or gameplay length. It doesn't work that way."

This confirms that the total running time doesn't mean the actual game length.

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Fishy Fingers3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

I'm sorry but if for a second you thought MGS4 would be 9 hours long your an idiot.

Go read any of the hands-on from the guys who completed it. 10 hours a day minimum and it still took them 3 days. Plus they were taking the most direct route to the end, missing side missions etc.

Personally, I believe around 40-50 hours, and thats forgetting the masses of extra hidden content that you know will be there.

thereapersson3882d ago

I mean, give me a BREAK! I can't believe there were people who actually thought that this was the concrete length of the game. I don't even have to explain why this was so ridiculous in the first place...

v1c1ous3881d ago

can stomach 40 hours of single player storyline.

you want people to get their money's worth, not get exhausted.

i'd say ~25 hours first playthrough. 35ish doing all secret side missions and stuff.

meepmoopmeep3881d ago


there's no way to finish up the saga with that small amount of time. with all the cut scenes, unlockables/easter eggs and codecs, flashbacks and difficulty gameplay it will be a long, long game.

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Shadow Flare3881d ago

Also consider that with every MGS released, if you wanted to get everything like stealth and the unlimited ammo bandana then you'd have to play through the game again. I enjoyed this most in MGS2 when you had to get every dogtag on every difficulty. I must have played through that game about 5 times. Geez

ceedubya93881d ago

Man, that's pushing it. Probably a 3rd of that would be cutscenes. I don't remember any Metal Gear Solids being that long. At least it never took me that long to beat them. Only about 13-15 depending on which one it was. I'm thinking the game may go about 15-20 hours. I can't see it going anywhere over 20.

Of course, with the MGO starter pack included, it won't matter, as the replay will be infinite due to the online play. I'm not too worried here.

3881d ago
Fishy Fingers3881d ago

Do you believe Id put any weight on your opinion, when your name is "gaystation". If your not interested in MGS leave the thread to people who are.

TresTrendu3881d ago

Thats i seen an article saying that the actualy gameplay was 10-12 hours. So sure you can probably say 50 hours if watch the 30 hours worth of cutscenes.

Utalkin2me3881d ago

How about this, We will wait and see. There hasnt been a Metalgear game that has took me longer than 15 hours to complete first time through. I look for this to be even shorter. I know snake die's but i will stay play through it.

Homicide3881d ago

The 360 fanboys just got owned. Ryan said this game will be the longest in the series. I expect 20 hours.

okcomputer3881d ago

40-50 hours is way too long for a game like mgs I really doubt that's true. 20-25 hours including cut scenes would be fine with me. and btw whats an idiot named "gaystation" doing posting in the gamer zone?

sonarus3881d ago

Just buy a ps3 and MGS4 and stop pretending like you don't want it since you have taken your time to do so much research on the game

fusionboxer3881d ago

Shane from EGM said in the podcast that at one point it became a race to see who could beat the game the fastest and they almost all took the full 3 days. Edge came in first and IGN second or something and if they were racing through the game ON TOP of playing constantly then you can expect the game to be longer then 9 hours.

Also shane said in the podcast back then that they were supposed to stop playing at one point and go to a party and it turned out that only 3 or 4 out of about 16 or so stayed at the party while everyone went back to play more.

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darkdoom30003882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

But a lot of people were confused. was it actual game length?
or cutscenes?

This is just comfirming that the 'running time' means nothing

yeah, I expect about 20+ and dont forget about the multiple difficulty modes!, they always add replay value.

sorry bout the way i wrote the story. my first one..... how do you add URL tags in the discription thing

Fishy Fingers3882d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

Just copy the complete url, including the http:// . So lets say you wanted to link to, type,

darkdoom30003882d ago

Ah, I see, that works for the story discription?

dam, too late cant edit after approved... least they link from the sorce.

SPARTAAN3881d ago

hes talking about the description it doesn't work in the description of the story

Fishy Fingers3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

Doom, the principle should be the same though. anyway here..




EDIT: Doom, I've added the links as "alternative sources". Hope that helps.

darkdoom30003881d ago

Thnks; im new to this story thing.

Fishy Fingers3881d ago

No worries bro. Practice makes perfect :)

Keep up the good work.

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SPARTAAN3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

if u really thought that run time meant the games length then gta IV would have been 8 hrs long and we all know that that isnt true

darkdoom30003882d ago

But judging from the comments in the oraginal post (MGS4 ratec, running time revealed) a lot of people were confused if this ment actual game length, cutscene length or neither..

which in fact was neither. I just did this so the people thinking it was ACTUALLY 9hrs would find out.

DEADEND3882d ago

I knew it wouldn't be that short now those stupid 360 fanboy can STFU, if the game was going to be short then it would be around 15 hours and I know it's going to be a lot more then that seeing the fact that this is the last one.

thereapersson3881d ago

Then again, fanboys know nothing of this subject. More along the lines of pure jealousy when it comes to MGS 4. I'm a HUGE MGS fan and I can see why people would want this game on their console. I'm just glad I own both consoles so I can enjoy both heavy hitters this year (MGS 4 on PS3 and Gears of War 2 on 360).

Screw 2007; 2008 is THE year to be a gamer...

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