First Glimpse on PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars’ Gameplay Video Unveiled, Full Reveal on the 21st

Sony Computer Entertainment is holding SCE Japan Studio’s upcoming PS Vita Exclusive under wraps like it was some kind of precious industrial secret. The game has been announced several months ago, but no gameplay footage has been shown, until today.

And today’s reveal is definitely a tease more than a full reveal, as it shows just a few blurry seconds, but if you’re hungry for info on the game it’ll have to do for now. Gameplay is at the 3:24 mark.

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Cloudberry3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

21st November 2013: Freedom Wars game-play reveal.

22nd: Xbox One launch.

23rd: Persona 3 Movie released in Japan.

24th: the real reveal of the "Persona" teaser site.

What a week.

thehobbyist3887d ago

I'm willing to bet money that the Persona site is just for another music tour. Which would be really cool in and of itself. But Persona 5 is to Sony as Half-Life 3 is to Valve.

Protagonist3886d ago


You are probably right, but we all hope for something more.

Sam Fisher3887d ago

Yea man, this looks hot. But my biggest attraction is day 24, all i care about is that day........ I cant wait....

GdaTyler3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

I can't wait until the 20th for the Media Create. I'm really excited to see how GE2 and Vita TV do.

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stavrami3887d ago

lol so looking forward to this game but in all honesty i would rather no glimpses of gameplay if thats the best you got it was like 7 seconds of blur :-/

thehobbyist3887d ago

If you look up Freedom Wars in google images you'll get clear images of what the game looks like.

stavrami3886d ago

I've looked it up before thats why i am looking forward to it i just had to laugh at this saying theres gameplay footage it felt like i had ten pints and got hit in the head with a hammer ,trying to watch that

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