Siren Blood Curse: The Best Horror Game You Never Played

"Halloween is the perfect time to relive classic scary games or movies to get that feeling of nostalgia we all love so much. Locking yourself in a dark room to play Silent Hill or Resident Evil is something many gamers love to do, but there are tons of other great survival horror series out there many people have never played before. Siren: Blood Curse has to be at the top of the list for these games because the number of people who have actually played this classic is so low it is ridiculous. If you are one of the few people who have already played this classic then congratulations, but for everyone else out there let me tell you a little bit about Siren: Blood Curse."

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Snookies122032d ago

I played it, but it was just so hard to control... Other than that, it was freaking great.

tigertron2032d ago

I played it and loved it.

dragonyght2032d ago

"Siren Blood Curse: The Best Horror Game You Never Played"
i approved now its the best time to try it if you can find in the store

Torchwood42032d ago

Perfect time to pick up a copy with the sale going on right now for PSN $9.99 is a steal!

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