Custom PS4 controllers available before release day

Fancy any of these custom PS4 controllers? Evil Controllers welcomes the next generation of gaming hardware by releasing Custom Dualshock 4 Controllers for the PlayStation 4

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svoulis2029d ago

I want that one too, but i would prefer it with the grips to stay black.

JimmyLmao2029d ago

yeh same, i like the contrast

123pol2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

I want this one !
There is going to be som nice looking custom controllers to ps4 :D.. i wonder if xbone is gonna have this to .. they dont seem to be as easy to deassemble

Studio-YaMi2029d ago

You and I my friend have the same taste in color,I would also like it if they throw in some yellow with that green,mmmmm! :D

Goro2029d ago

I couldn't give a f**k what my controller looks like as long as it functions properly and is comfortable to hold.

Stick892029d ago

Well now you're just being silly. Of course comfort is the most important aspect, but wanting it to look good too is equally as important to most people.

sobekflakmonkey2029d ago

not when all of the custom controller's they have are just really ugly...pretty sure I could have came up with far better ideas..

Stick892029d ago


I totally agree all of these are ugly. Doesn't mean others wont like them or that making a controller look how you want it to is a bad thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.