No "rubberbanding" AI in DriveClub

DriveClub won't have "rubberbanding" AI, unlike Motorstorm, Evolution Studios confirmed.

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Jaqen_Hghar3912d ago

A man likes this. It's diminishing returns when they try to make every race close. If every race is close then closeness gets less epic. This way when you DO have a 1/100th of a second win it'll be truly epic. Or in PS4's case, sharable. I still hope people reserve that button for truly unique and non scripted moments.

Alexious3912d ago

You forgot to talk like Jaqen in the ending sentence. Edit!

Heisenburger3912d ago

My God... It showed weakness..



Jaqen_Hghar3912d ago

A man apologizes for the typo. A man meant to say "I still hopes" as his friend whom goes by "I" was hoping for this outcome.

VonBraunschweigg3911d ago

Too late, plus a lie, so apology not accepted. What a waste, all comments rendered useless, reputation down the drain, all because you didn't pay attention and got carried away. Get it together, man.

colonel1793912d ago

Sony delayed Motorstorm from PS3 launch to spring. This is the second time an Evolution game gets delayed from launch. Weird.

Pintheshadows3912d ago

I always forget about that because being in England it launched the same day as the PS3. It ook it home along with Resistance. That was a good day. I'll never forget it.

deadfrag3912d ago

It was not ready the obvious choise was to delay and release a full polished game!Thats nothing wrong with it!

1nsomniac3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

It still amazes me that no one talks about the initial E3 "Gameplay" that was shown back in 2005 that even by our current next gen standings would be far fetched.

It was far worse than the original Killzone "gameplay" footage scandal that seems to be remembered by everyone. At least Killzone got close to looking like it when it got released. Motorstorm still to this day hasn't got anywhere near to that initial video.

Cant believe they ever claimed this was entirely in-game PS3 real time footage!!....


colonel1793912d ago

Visually not going to happen any time soon, but the gameplay could be done. Too bad they don't actually do it. It would be awesome to have a first person view looking like that.

1nsomniac3912d ago

It does look truly epic! And far more enjoyable than how the series actually turned out. I think they will probably come back to it later on in the PS4's lifetime & it may look at least a little closer but I still couldn't see it looking like that for another 10 years.

pixelsword3912d ago

when you play it first person, it gets pretty close.

_FantasmA_3912d ago

What are you talking about. Only a blind person would say the Killzone 2 video looked better than the actual game.

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FlameHawk3912d ago

Thank god, Sleeping Dogs had that and it was SOOO annoying.

Riderz13373912d ago

Yup. I think I also remember NFS Most Wanted (2012) having it.

Kayant3912d ago

Yep i remember it clearly it was damn awful...

Ketzicorn3912d ago

Yeah that game was an insult to the Most Wanted name.

TheFutureIsBlue3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Mod Nation Racers had it too and DAMN was it annoying! This is off-topic, but I wish MNR didn't fail like it did. The load times killed the game and the vita had poor online. Guess we won't see it make a comeback =(.