Titanfall PC Preview | ENE3

ENE3: "In a brief play session with the PC version, my doubts were dissipated, and the Online game would make me hooked for a long time"

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PeaSFor1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

thats where im getting the game, im not hyped bout the game but curious to see if its more than the "COD with mech skins" impression i had at PAX(played a very short amout of time.)

combo PC/PS4 is the way to go.

Evil_Ryu1913d ago

PC...another microsoft platform...keep up the good fight

MuhammadJA1913d ago

if it's exclusive to origin then that's not good.

MuhammadJA1912d ago

@ MidnytRain

i know. isn't ea publishing the game?

NaAsAr1913d ago

that's the version I will be picking up.

1913d ago
mhunterjr1913d ago

I really don't see it having much in common with COD, other than its made by the former IW heads...

Consoles4kidz1913d ago

Cant wait to play this exclusive on Xbox One.

PeaSFor1913d ago

weird, i will be playing you "xbox exclusivity" it on pc

Evil_Ryu1913d ago

oh you are really showing microsoft up by not buying it on xbox one and buying it for your microsoft windows 8 pc...oh yea! you really taught microsoft a lesson!

Allsystemgamer1913d ago


I didn't pay for windows ;)

AndrewLB1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )



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