Forza 5, Ryse Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3 Install Size and Rear of Cases Revealed

The install size of few Xbox One exclusive has been revealed along with back coverart

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ABeastNamedTariq3267d ago

Hard drives are going to fill up fast, good gracious.

Ausbo3267d ago

Damnnnnn. 47 gigs for ryse? My hard drive will be full day one! Guess ill have to delete and reinstall games often

minimur123267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

I've ordered a 1TB HDD for my ps4, might take advantage and just install all the games I get. And when PS Plus picks up more a few years into it's life cycle I'll need that for that time.

but lol everyones going crazy, Have they forgotten that you can just play from the disc?

FamilyGuy3267d ago

@ minimur

You can't really play from the disc on X1. All games MUST be installed. I'm pretty sure you can play whiiiile they install but there is apparently no option of not installing. You need the space no matter what if you want to play.

fardan853267d ago

That's too much. I hope there will be an option to install the mandatory files only to get the game working, not the whole 47 gigs. At this rate the HDD will be full with launch games.

True_Samurai3267d ago

@FamilyGuy but you don't have to wait. You can play while it downloads in the background

ABizzel13267d ago


Correct me if I'm wrong, but for Remote Play we have to install the game to the HDD or have the disc in the PS4. Anyone planning to take advantage of that will have to install everything as well, which is my big concern and why I say 1TB HDD isn't enough we need confirmation on saving to externals or something.

sic_chops3267d ago

Too bad it's not upgradable. Just sit your external hard drive beside your power brick.

HammadTheBeast3267d ago

Well, graphically it looks pretty high up there, so its understandable. Much more so than the 45 for CoD Ghosts.

Khajiit863267d ago

Its time! To use... Teh Powaaaaa Of Da KLAUD!

blackout3267d ago

No you don't. Xbox One has free cloud storage for all LIVE members., no need for a new HD just store in the cloud. Microsoft perks how nice.

Ravenor3267d ago

@Blackout #1.1.9

Please be joking, please be joking, please be joking, PLEASE BE JOKING!

Ponchao873267d ago

no digital downloads for me

Ju3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

PS4 is the same. It does not have installs from disk. To play without a disk you must purchase it from the PSN and download it.

PS4 caches the same way XBOne does. You can play when inserting the disk, but the OS caches the disk to the HDD - all of it - in the background. You won't notice and you have no control over it. It does not support manual installs any more (like PS3 did).

dantesparda3267d ago

Yeah but Ju on the Ps4 you are only losing at most about 40-50gb to play a game, and the rest of the HDD is left to you. Whereas on the X1 all games must be installed so, everygame you play is taking up like 40-50gbs. Huge difference!

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lsujester3267d ago

For real. I was hoping that 49GB for COD was just an anomaly, but doesn't seem so. Guess my gaming investment is going up some more for a bigger HD.

mhunterjr3267d ago

The 49gb is still an anomaly for COD, with those bland textures. I still don't understand why it would be so large...

Rynocirator3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

@mhunterjr The same thing can be said for the 30gb for Max Payne 3 on pc, the bottom line is they are using uncompressed data and textures which are easier and faster for the system to read, which (in max payne 3's case, allows for faster loading during cutscenes so there are no hangups when the game begins after the cutscene is over) helps for seamless transfers. Final Fantasy XV has said to be a 7:3 ratio of in engine to CGI cutscenes that transfer into gameplay without a load screen, you can expect the same for probably most games now. Bottom line is as games get bigger, they want them to load faster so you aren't waiting for cutscenes to load or levels to buffer, and the best way to do that is to not compress the data.

Edit: Also, installing it makes it load a lot faster than running off the disc, as the BDD in the systems (probably both the same) will run at 2x for 50GB discs, and 1x for 100gb discs...which if you don't know much about disc drives, most DVD drives run at like 24x or 26x.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3267d ago


Compressed or not, it shouldn't matter to a pc with an SSD, just saying.

The_Troll_Whisperer3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

I have a question: If every game I buy is 50 GB, and since the Xbox One has a non-replaceable HDD, what will I do once the space runs out?

Edit: NVM, I read down further in the comments and apparently USB drives are compatible, but not at launch

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AngelicIceDiamond3267d ago

MS gonna need a solution for this quick. Titan Fall, Destiny, Watch Dogs among others will fill that thing quick.

jackanderson19853267d ago

they have said you'll be able to plug in an external drive into one of the USBs

Saviour3267d ago

it's already got usb 3.0 so external hard drives won't be a problem, speed will be fast too.

GodGinrai3267d ago

Have they said if their is a size limit on how much space on an external HDD can be used? I really hope they have not done something stupid like cap the size again. I have a 250GB HDD. never needed to use a USB stick, so the 16GB cap never really bothered me. But with 30GB+ installs that 500GB HDD does not seem sufficient. We need at least 1TB this gen.

strickers3267d ago

External HDDs are not available at launch on XB1.

strickers3267d ago

External HDDs will not work with XB1 at launch with no date given

blackout3267d ago

Free Cloud storage for all LIVE members. Look it up, your all set.

MysticStrummer3267d ago

@blackout - I don't think that applies to installs...

SilentGuard3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

don't fret none, you can hook up an external drive and set it next to your power brick and kinect. Hope you don't mind a cluttered entertainment center.

RedSoakedSponge3267d ago


please dont tell me youre being serious?

the cloud storage is for saved game data. not game installs.

BX813267d ago

I don't want an external hd. I want my $500 console to be complete.

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Infamous2983267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Holy Shit!!. Dead rising 3= 35 GB, Ryse = 47GB, Forza 5 = 35GB, 117GB gone on launch day, 383 GB left for other games!!

Glad PS4's HDD is replaceble,seems xbox one buyers will have to wait till 2014 to increase their storage.

Can you imgaine?!?! 30-50 GB install for 1 game!!!

3267d ago
MiHX23267d ago

I am planning to buy awesome games.Price-Space left-0.1 bytes.

BBBirdistheWord3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Yeah got to admit this has me concerned.

On the ps4 you can install your own 3.5 HDD... so can go 3TB +++
MS better not charge a premium for HDD upgrades.

On the other hand... is it possible to install the local content to the cloud? That would solve the HDD issue.

Anyone know?

Saviour3267d ago

@BBBirdistheWord : The max right now u can install on ps4 is 1.5tb and xbox will support external HDD. after console is launch MS will release some update to add support.

mhunterjr3267d ago

I really don't foresee many people needing to upgrade their storage prior to 2014.

JackISbacK3267d ago

both consoles will not be filled at launch day because 3rd party games are not that big and only exclusives are big ,ps4 owners will have no problem if any body of them buy all launch titles because there are not much exclusives ,most of them are indie which will require 2gb ownere still can face problem because they are having lot of choises in terems of games,but still it will not completely filled ,but there will not any space left for extra apps from xbox live if any body buies all launch titles in xbox one.

NoLongerHereCBA3267d ago

BBBirdIsTheWord, You have to buy 2.5inch HDDs :)

Deathdeliverer3267d ago

You don't have to install on ps4. Just need enough space to cache the data. So say 50gb set aside for caching and your set from game to game. I wonder if XB1 has this as a option.

alb18993267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Come on, how many games do you buy in one year?
How many do you keep playing after you finish?
You guys want to make Microsoft looks bad at all costs!

koolaid2513267d ago

who's going to buy 10 games at launch and install all of them to the hard drive? you fool.

esemce3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Even less mate as you wont have access to the full 500gb prob 430Gb.

If MS force mandatory FULL game installs then that would be a very bad move, partial installs with the option for full install or from disc play would be better.

The 360 install system is fine as it was.

Deadpoolio3267d ago

Yes but is the 35gb for Forza before you get home and have to download half your game or is that after you get home and have to download half your game or it will not function?

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BoriboyShoGUN3267d ago

Yeah these are basically full game installs geeesh. I didnt think we would have to install so much. Guess I will be expanding the PS4 HD soon.

minimur123267d ago

I'd do it now, if you do it at a later date you'll lose everything on your HDD before you swap. It's a pain in the ass losing that stuff :(

BLAKHOODe3267d ago


That's actually an advantage to the cloud. All your saves and profiles can easily be pulled down from the clown to store on a new HDD. So, if you switched out HDD at some point, all you would have to do is reinstall whatever games you want on there.

GrandpaSnake3267d ago

the hardcore will fill this puppy up quick.

CRAIG6673267d ago

I have the day one Forza5 bundle, I will be waiting a long time for that to finish downloading!
I will also be purchasing Killer Instinct the moment the xbox is set-up, interested to know how much space that it going to consume...

kewlkat0073267d ago

I tend to play at most 2 games at one time...people will have to manage.

bryam19823267d ago

Poor.xbones too bad you.guys cannot change HHD so.easily i got 1 tb HDD waiting ps4

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3267d ago

Too bad you can't watch DVD's and Blurays out of the box with the PS4 and not even after the 1.5 patch. Have fun waiting.

See.. we can all play that game.

blackout3267d ago

No need to spend any extra money like you p4 users. X1 has UNLIMITED CLOUD STORAGE FOR ALL LIVE MEMBERS. http://www.informationweek....

BLAKHOODe3267d ago


You seriously don't understand the cloud's storage.

Yes, it's unlimited and you can put as many game saves and profiles up their that your heart desires, but your games.. and all the games you DON'T have.. are all up there, too, waiting to be downloaded by you, just as the "on demand" games that are on PS3 and Xbox 360 are now. So, if you buy Dead Rising 3 or Killzone: Shadow Fall and download it, it'll still be up there in the cloud waiting to be downloaded again, available to everyone else who buys them. It's not like you can save your very own personal copy of those games and they will be available to you INSTANTLY on demand via the cloud. They will have to reinstall again.. and while you can play while it installs, you will still need to allow enough data to download before you can do that. Nobody knows how much data has to download before you can play.. so, it might be you have to download the first 10 GB of a 50 GB game to play, which would take my internet connection about 2 hours. I'm sure every game is different, but maybe now you get the idea.

bryam19823267d ago

@midnighter watching dvd and blue.ray movies? Thats.why.we and movie streaming services that.we cant watch.whitout.paying.a.dime anyhow our.problem just.need while.your problem that easily

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3267d ago

16 racers online! Awesome news!

kingduqc3267d ago

Sony and microsoft went full retard with the HDD space... 500gb is so small. On top of that they put slow ass 2.5 inch 5200 rpg Hard drive in these... If it was 3.5 inch you could upgrade for cheap to 3-4 tb but NOOOO they had to chose the worst hard drive they can think of for the consumer.

xtremeimport3267d ago

well, Sony kinda put it in the users hands. They gave you something that'll get you by with the ability to upgrade yourself in the future.

Does MS let you to save game date to external drives? i cant remember. But i do know you cant upgrade the builtin HDD.

BLAKHOODe3267d ago

500 GB is too small, but I don't think they went full retard. They have always "started out" with small HDD. Why? Because they want you to upgrade, which puts more $$$ in their pockets.

I fill a 320 GB HDD on my PS3 in no time, so I knew a 500 GB wasn't going to hold s**t, especially with the size of next-gen games. But it's what they are giving us to work with right now. By the end of next-gen, I wouldn't be surprise if they are selling Xbox One and PS4 with 10 TB HDD.

xtremeimport3267d ago

I would like for them to make it a little more noticeable on the case. It's kind of an important statistic.

Seems like they've tried to hide it in the fine print a little.

Back-to-Back3267d ago

I dont get wtf they are doing with all that space. I can't even think of one pc game that came close to 30gb. Ryse isnt full hd either which is even more of a shocker. It almost seems like they are doing no data compression.

colonel1793267d ago

I am pretty sure that by E3 2015 we will see new PS4/Xbox SKU with at least 10TB.

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Demobot3267d ago

I am glad I am not a hardcore gamer. Out of sheer curiosity, does anyone know if once a game is installed to the X1 can that install be moved to a external HDD and then back to the X1 when needed?

corvusmd3267d ago

You can install and leave it on an external...and from what I understand (maybe not at launch) you can install and leave your games on the cloud servers as well.

BoriboyShoGUN3267d ago

You really think your going to play 50GB games directly off cloud? What magical connection do you have sir!

ma1asiah3267d ago

@ BoriboyShoGUN,

Some current gen games for the PS3 are already 40GB+ games are they not????

So when Gaikai is finally launched and as this is a cloud based streaming service wont this mean that you will be playing full games like Unchartered 2 or 3,The Last of Us etc via Gaikai which is SONY's cloud.

BoriboyShoGUN3267d ago


I dont know how thats going to work. I was under the assumption you would download them. If it is just streaming, I doubt we'll see games that size for a while.

DigitalRaptor3267d ago

"you can install and leave your games on the cloud servers as well".

Have you even considered the logistics of this? Why would you install (upload) your games on the cloud servers when the games are already on Microsoft's servers for you to download? That is epic data redundancy.

What you're suggesting is basically game streaming, but from Mifrosoft's game storage servers, rather than your own cloud space which is reserved for cloud saves, profile data etc.

cfir3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

It was never uploading your games to the cloud. All games are available from the store so you could download it to xbone if you already owned it. But this was tied to the DRM. So not sure it's still a feature. Why would you bother. You need the disk in the drive to play. It would have to be faster to re install from the disk than download.