What Happened To The Dead Rising Series?

Over the last week, Jake has been going back to the Dead Rising 2 Off The Record remaster and has been an absolute blast. When he was 15 he first got his Xbox 360 and Dead Rising with it, it was unlike any other experience. It made him wonder though, what happened to the Dead Rising series.

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darthv7257d ago

Interesting timing. This retrospective was released just a few days ago:

Darksonic2257d ago

Ah no, I just felt like writing it as I started playing the game again and wanted to offer up my opinions 😁

InklingGirl57d ago

I was thinking the same thing when I saw the title.

Shaggy230456d ago

Easy answer to the article, it got watered down to just another zombie game.

The original was a great game, everything was timed, you had to save people and more often than not you wouldn't be able to save everyone. That aspect got watered down for the second so it wasn't a strict, then I think it got removed totally for the third and fourth sequels.

Basically it just became like every other zombie game, you could craft weapons (some crazy ones) but it just became generic.

TheRealTedCruz57d ago

Complacency and new teams who didn't understand what made the series special.

Darksonic2257d ago

Seems like there was just a ton of infighting aswell and so many more issues. Honestly sadly Dead Rising 5 before it was cancelled sounded nothing like dead rising, nothing learnt from. Dr4 at all.

ColdSin57d ago

DR4 should have not been made anyways. DR3 closed everything nicely.

darthv7257d ago

Check out the vid i posted above.

TheRealTedCruz57d ago

They're a solid channel. I always click on their vids, unless it's a series/game I simply have no interest in.

RamRod8857d ago

They took away the depth and charm of the game that made it fun and interesting, and made it into a generic zombie killing game.

DeadManMMX57d ago

This was the series the got me to buy an Xbox 360. The first one was so good. It still had horror elements. As it went on it became kind of a parody. Never forget getting Zombie Genecider achievement and then restarting the game to get the Mega Buster. That thing was monstrous against enemies.

Gamerking8257d ago

But you never know it might be RISING again someday .

moriarty188957d ago

haha yes it may....good one.

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The story is too old to be commented.