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Batman: Arkham Origins comes so close to feeling like a simple underwhelming expansion pack for Arkham City that, after a while, the linearity and hand-holding just make you wonder if its worth your time, since you've done it twice before.

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TripC501871d ago

All these lower reviews are because it doesn't improve anything, it feels like an expansion pack, or it's the same but a different story.... Well, is it worth getting if you haven't played any other batman games before?

Periphereality1871d ago

"if you’re going to buy and play one game, sit on the couch one evening, and eat pizza, you’re probably going to have a good time with this."

Ignorance is bliss (I don't mean that in a horrible way... it's just... the less you know, the more you'll enjoy it.)

Pozzle1871d ago

And even then, sometimes being the same as previous games is a good thing. The first two Arkham games were great, so I don't mind that the third is similar.

I hate it when a sequel changes its formula and is worse because of it.

Hufandpuf1871d ago

Look at what happened to Assassins Creed though.

MattyG1871d ago

It feels very similar to Arkham City in terms of gameplay. If you haven't played the other ones, you CAN stat here since it's a prequel, but you might miss nods to the other two games.

worldwidegaming1871d ago

Its batman and its good. They need to just stop! People think its cool to be negative and critical...

Periphereality1871d ago

That, or people are just used to major sites not criticizing anything at all. You're supposed to be critical if you're a critic. Clue is in the word 'critique'.

Pintheshadows1871d ago

Giving this game a 62 for the reasons he stated is pretty heinous. It is just as good as the Rocksteady Arkham games yet this is being treated with ferocity. I don't get it. It doesn't feel like an expansion for Arkham City at all. It is very much its own game. It has areas where it has improved massively over the first two.

The detective mode for example and the thoroughly excellent boss fights. And it only holds your hand as much as the first two did, until you get used to the gadgets again. Of course it feels similar to the previous Arkham games. It IS an Arkham game.

Sometimes I wonder about people. They'll praise a 3rd iteration of a series which hasn't moved very far and unfairly criticise another as they go in with a specific view. In this case it seems to be as it isn't Rocksteady it is open season on criticism.

The funny thing is this is an iteration that actually improves the series in a number of subtle ways. It is the same but better. And the improvements are welcome. It is a shame to see people not going in to a game to enjoy it due to their preconceptions.

The fact is if you went in almost blind this game would take you in and scream 'PAY ATTENTION TO ME AS I AM AWESOME' in your face from the opening sequence. Do you like Batman? Do you like the Arkham games? Do you welcome subtle improvements? Do you like brilliant boss battles? If the answer to all of these is yes then you will love Origins.

And if it sounds like I am defending the game it is because I am and I have no shame for doing it. There is great work here from WB Games and they deserve the benefit of the doubt, just like Rocksteady did with Asylum.

Just one thing though. If you are on PS3 do not install update 1.01. It crushes the framerate to unplayable levels. I have no idea what it does but stick with the basic game until the new update is out.

ifritAlkhemyst1871d ago

This game is the 2nd best of the 3 overall, but easily takes the cake with combat.

If Arkham Asylum felt this visceral and tight, it would have been near perfect.

Adexus1870d ago

This is actually my favourite next to Arkham Asylum, I wasn't the biggest fan of Arkham City, I felt like it lost the soul and atmosphere of Asylum, this has brought that back and the combat is actually much improved with new moves and gadgets.