Arkham Origins: The Batman's definitive gaming sequel

Arkham Origins displayed a definitive, enriched version of the Batman, that stands tall as the franchise's strongest entry.

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isarai722d ago

Spent years standing by origins while always getting crap for it. Just to have everyone suddenly view it as a "hidden gem". Games has THE BEST bossfights in the series by far

-Foxtrot721d ago

The boss fights are cool but it’s still lacking in some areas. Like the Deathstroke fight is better than the shitty tank fight in Arkham Knight.

My issue aswell is that for being a prequel Batman has a suit and gear thats sometimes better than what’s in the sequels. Hell there’s some things which are missing in the sequels which you wonder why he never used as it would have helped him a lot.

SDuck721d ago

The problem you point out needed to happen. You can't make a new game on a franchise and strip it away from mechanics that were in previous games. Making a Batman that's worse equipped than in A.Asylum would have sucked. That's the issue with prequels but I don't think that's something we should be complaining. The games made a good job showing Bats has every tool at his disposal but he not always takes them with him. Maybe before Asylum he has broken the armored suit so he had to use the spandex, who knows.

SDuck721d ago

I was there with you and it baffles me how often this happens. People shit in the game to be c*nts when they didn't even experienced it. Now they see it was an awesome game. Is it too hard to make up your mind without basing it on others opinions?

Germaximus721d ago (Edited 721d ago )

Yup. Always happens. Same thing happened with Bulletstorm, Alice: Madness Returns, Anthem, Mass Effect: Andromeda. People are mindless sheep.

I wrote this on Batman: Arkham Origins in 2013: https://www.germsgaming.com...

staticall721d ago

I agree it's a good game. Though, *spoiler* i didn't like that it was all involving Joker, again *end spoiler*. And after Arkham City, i guess, a lot of people expected more changes, at least i heard a lot of people saying "I was expecting more from this game". And i remember quite a few bugs.
Multiplayer was trash, though, IMO. At least i never got it to work properly (lags, falling through floor, frequent disconnects). And they abandoned it rather quickly.

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Knightofelemia721d ago

Lack of Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy only cool thing was fighting Deathstroke I love Deathstroke as a villain. After that the game just feels lack luster when compared to the other entries in the Arkham franchise. If you are a die hard Batman fan or you find it dirt ass cheap grab it. I played it and I was not impressed by Arkham Origins I would say its my least favorite entry.

Germaximus721d ago

It's my favorite game in the series.

JayRyu721d ago

I think that the game was solid. I enjoyed it. I disliked about the game the grappling hook ceiling. You couldn't Grapple to the top of bridges or certain buildings.

autobotdan721d ago

The greatest Batman game of all time. If anybody disagrees Slade Wilson will find you

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The best Batman Arkham game still isn’t on PS5, and that’s a problem

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is almost here, but I can't revisit the best Arkhamverse game on PS5 without sacrificing quality.

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ZeekQuattro40d ago

Not a fan of Orgins. Blame it on the absence of Conroy & Hamill. Blame it on the lack of atmosphere compared to Asylm. Hell blame it the devs thst dicked over Wii U owners like me that purchased the game only for support be dropped as a thank you to me. It's better than Knight but that's not saying much. I don't care for that entry either.

Rebel_Scum40d ago

tbh buying a game like that for WiiU should’ve been an obvious non-purchase when it existed on better hardware.

Cacabunga40d ago

Origins is amazing..
my favorite Batman is Batman and Robin on mega drive.. an HD REMASTER of that would still look glorious

ZeekQuattro40d ago

I got it launch. Kinda hard to go back. I'm supposed to know they were going to drop support months after the fact. 🤣

Exvalos40d ago

You sound like a salty fanboy, that it didn't come to your precious plastic of choice. It's not the developers fault Nintendo continues making underpowered hardware. It's our fault because we keep buying it. Yes I say (we) I'm part of the problem as well.

ZeekQuattro40d ago

I have a PS3 and a Wii U. How was I a salty fanboy? I bought the game on the system I wanted it for.

Rebel_Scum40d ago

Nah my comment has nothing to do with whether you’d know or not that they’d drop support.

Buying any AAA game of that era for a WiiU you should’ve known you’d be sacrificing graphics and load times.

LucasRuinedChildhood40d ago

It's solid but Origins is definitely not the best Arkham game.

LoveSpuds40d ago

Smacks of hyperbole to me, talk about clutching at straws to create some drama around PS5!!

generic-user-name39d ago

Titles like these are designed to get you to come in, go to their comment section and tell them how they're so wrong so they can boost their numbers.