Batman Arkham Origins Crashes, Low Performance, FOV, Crash to Desktop or other Issues and Fixes

Guide4GameS: Fixing all Batman Arkham Origins Crashes, Low Performance, FOV, Crash to Desktop or other Errors, Issues and Fixes

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xKugo1871d ago

That is incredibly surprising that the ultimate PC requirement is a GTX 780. It's cool for me because I have 2 in SLI but seriously wow....

The 780 is the 2nd best single card dGPU on the market and it's a requirement for Ultimate(Ultra) already? Wow, makes me wonder how high the next-generation consoles are going to push the bar for PC gaming. So far it looks like it going to be incredibly high and become incredibly expensive.

gillri1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

well yes, PC utilisation of hardware isn;t great compared to consoles which is why i dont upgrade often as alot of the power goes to waste :/

I remember all the problem PC owners had running GTA IV when it came out, some thinking because their specs were alot higher than the console counterparts it would run well at high settings

vishmarx1871d ago

also some of these problems happen regardless of how powerful your pc is.
consoles are tended to much more

SniperControl1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

I have two overclocked GTX670's in SLI and it runs like a dream (with all settings and features on full)on my PC, i also have a dedicated GTX570 running Phys X. However saying that it has crashed on me and for some reason when i start the game, all sound settings are reduced to zero.

Adexus1871d ago

I'm running 670 SLi too and it hasn't crashed on me, some of the papers on the floor don't have PhysX to them though and they tend to float above the ground for some reason but that's the only small issue I've gotten at the moment, runs SO much better than Arkham City.

menghina1871d ago

I run it fine on :
GTX MSI 560 Ti Hawk
At 1680x1050 FXAA High / Physx Normal at 40-60fps.
No crash till now played for about 2h.