Fable II – Little Sparrow’s 5th Birthday

Jennifer Taylor - "I feel old. This isn’t one of those birthdays, like next week’s 25th anniversary of the Sega Megadrive (sorry Tim, Genesis!), that makes you wonder where all that time has gone to, but is one of acceptance that a handful of years ago a sequel emerged from one of my favourite games of all time, and it was… ok.

Fable II was a bit like the weird, younger brother that got dropped on their head as a child, but you loved them all the same – even through the quirky times. Molyneux, again fronting the campaign for the franchise, promised devotion for your new companion – a dog – the likes of which gamers had never seen. Many other vows were not quite fulfilled along the way, but I like to think that Molyneux is just excitable, full of so much passion for gaming and his product that certain embellishments can be forgiven. Given all its shortcomings, however, Fable II was still an excellent sequel to the amazing Fable: Lost Chapters. It was teeming with adventure, customisation; becoming...

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Tontus1845d ago

Fable 2 is a great game, highly underrated imo.

Fable 3 sucked so bad though, such a shame they were rushed to release it and Peter Molyneux was allowed to put that awful menu system in the game.

Lord_Sloth1845d ago

I loved my dog and I loved the co-op experience. Played the whole game with my brother. A hooker kicked my dog, without any words I turned off safety and my brother shot her in the face instantly.

The story wasn't as grand as FTLC's and the final boss was so underwhelming it's almost a crime but I loved the game anyway.

WilliamH1845d ago

When I had a 360 this was by far my favourite game on it, enjoyed it very very much