Here's How the Xbox One and Forza 5 Look Played on The Gigantic World's First 84 Inches 4K TV

Do you want to see how the Xbox One and Forza Motorsport 5 look like while played on the world’s first 84 Inches 4K TV? You’re in luck, as LG hooked one of Microsoft’s new consoles to one of its gigantic 84LM9600 displays at the Geek’s Live show, currently happening in Paris.

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JokesOnYou3269d ago

Yeah too bad 4k tvs are still waaay to pricey....still its so goddamm beautiful though.

malokevi3269d ago

I'm considering this over the next few months:

$1299 4K TV from Seiki, bare bones, no added features, just amazing resolution at the lowest pricepoint available.

robotgargoyle3269d ago

Totally. I upgraded to a new set this year (plasma Panasonic Viera) with OLED sets and 4k still being ridiculously priced.

Doesn't look like they'll be going down in price anytime soon.

PFFT3269d ago

I agree! Better start putting money into my piggy bank.

Abriael3269d ago

@malokevi: I heard some good and bad things about that one...

malokevi3269d ago


Care to elaborate?

Abriael3269d ago

@malokevi: mostly ghosting on the screen. Of course you get what you pay for, so it's still a pretty good deal

guitarded773269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Midway through the next generation they'll be reasonably priced. At the beginning of this console generation, LCD TV's were very expensive.

UnholyLight3269d ago

<2 years you'll see reasonable prices. There's 2 4k TV's on display at my local Future Shop for 3k. Prices are dropping faster for 4k than they thought. I say less time than it took Plasma/LCD prices to drop

AliTheSnake13269d ago

It would look really ugly and blurry. 1080p unscaled and stretched pixels.

Very poor pixel Density.

malokevi3269d ago

hmm, I'll probably hold out, then. Though I'll check the reviews before I buy anything. Thanks for the heads up.

SignifiedSix913269d ago

They're not as expensive as people were making them out to be.

Pretty cheap if you have to ask me!

BallsEye3269d ago


Not like native 4k but new generation upscaler does wonders and Ryse is best example, looking better than man native 1080p games

looks great with no jaggies.

jidery3269d ago

This obsession with higher resolution is silly. Its like buying a car simply because it has more horsepower, when as a metric is only tells part of the story. I would take a good 1080p tv with solid color reproduction and better processing over a "cheap" 4k.

ThanatosDMC3269d ago

Yeah, where are the jaggies and the pixelated mess... i call shenanigans.

nukeitall3269d ago

hot daymn. The Xbox One makes that 4k TV look really good!!!


Autodidactdystopia3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Seeing as how i'm looking at a downrezzed PICTURE of a 4k tv playing a 1080 or less game

I am confused as to what I am supposed to be impressed with?

the size of the tv in relation to the guy?

I don't get this.

why not look at a screenshot which is actually clear and then imagine it as big as you want..


ohiostatesman3269d ago

I am so proud that Forza has been the best rated racing game in the last 10 years. It dethroned Gran Turismo many years ago and continues to carry the fire.

mkis0073268d ago

ohiostatesman in reviews, not in sales.

Ps4Console3268d ago

The new consoles aren't upgraded to run full 4K though are they , they just upscale but not to the full 4K .

abzdine3268d ago

on a screen like this even a Gameboy game would look good.

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mrmarx3269d ago

i'm more impressed by the fact that guy could fit into those skinny jeans..

SnakeCQC3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

whats the point? i thought max res is 1080p(but there are quite a few reports of lower res games)

Why the disagrees? its true. Id say the same for any system that doesn't take advantage of the extra pixels

Abriael3269d ago

TV like that one have a pretty powerful upscaler built in. If you play games on it, you won't get the full crispness of 4K, but you're still getting a benefit over 1080p

Of course it's nowhere worth 10k bucks, but hey, some people have money to spare and no intention to use it to further world peace so...

dennett3163269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Upscalers aren't some miracle producing chip of the Gods, upscaled images vs native resolution is ALWAYS a loss for the upscaled image.
The game would have looked better being demoed on a top of the line 1080p screen - would have looked sharper. All they're doing is trying to push that the One can do 4K, and I'm sure it possibly can for video....maybe. But for games? Forget that notion - at least, forget that notion without a dev dropping every setting down to low and creating a VERY undemanding engine with no graphical effects. The One is simply not capable of 4K gaming. PS4 either. It'd have fewer sacrifices in order to achieve it, but it would still be a very basic looking game that just happens to have a nice, crisp resolution.

Saviour3269d ago

@dennett316- True. but 4k upscaled is better than 1080p native, still price is not worth to get 4k at this point.

Rageanitus3269d ago

ummmm upscale does not make magical resolutions.

I have a 1080p monitor and connected my xbox 1080p upscaled. It looks AWFUL vs a native 1080p game

mcgrottys3269d ago

There really is no loss in detail when up scaling from 1080p to 4k. Essentially 1080p = 1920x1080, 4k= 3840x2160. 3840/1920 = 2 and 2160/1080 = 2, 2x2 = 4 hence the term 4k. This was done for the sole purpose of scaling, if you run a 1080p stream on a 4k set you will end up with each pixel of data from the stream being displayed on 4 pixels on the 4k, without any scalars it would look just the same side by side with a 1080p display, so scalars should essentially only make it look better weather it be some smoother edges or better color reproduction.

If you want to see a proper example of this then just go to your closest bestbuy and the should have a Sony demo unit that displays both up scaled 1080p which looks better than my 1080p display and 4k which looks amazing.

wishingW3L3269d ago

since you guys have no idea what an upscaler is then here:

@mcgrottys, stop talking so much nonsense you have no idea what you're talking about. My goodness... lol

BallsEye3269d ago


Yes native is better but new generation upscaler can do wonders and will look way better than 1080p with some good AA going on. Just look at Ryse with its 900p

Looks better on my screen than the PC games 1080p I run without AA.

Hana2 chip doesn't just stretch the pixels, it does much more than that.

-SIXAXIS-3269d ago

The game is upscaled to 4k resolution. It will not even be close to 4k. Imagine resizing a 480x270 to 1920x1080; it's the same size jump. There is no upscaler that will make it look good. In fact, it would look better at it's original size but smaller.

Ju3269d ago

What are you guys going on and on about 4k. None of you will buy one anytime soon anyhow.

tigertom533269d ago

the xbox one can upscale to 4k that why it comes with 4k hdmi cable...

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sprinterboy3269d ago

"what's the point". 4k movies is the point

MrCastle3269d ago

There are only a handful of 4k movies out right now. And they are 30+gb a movie. Definitely drawbacks.

Giru0173269d ago

Too bad for the disagrees, but yes, you are correct. Not only that, 4K TV's are capped at 30hz when displaying 3840 x 2160, so you won't make it past 30 fps with a 1080p 2x upscaled image... No thanks.

RedSoakedSponge3269d ago

looks good but pointless to have these pics really. we cant see the difference on our lower resolution displays

Gazondaily3269d ago

This reminds of that episode in Futurama where Amy shows us her naughty tattoo but our measley, pre-3000AD TV's wouldn't let us see the images properly.

RedSoakedSponge3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

haha! that is a perfect example :P

oh and the people who disagreed with me. are you guys retarded? lol

Fishy Fingers3269d ago

Same as it would look on a 84in 1080p TV I assume.

Abriael3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Nope. That TV has a powerful upscaler built in. It won't look like it was rendered at 4k, but it'll definitely look different than on a 1080p TV of the same size, which would have pixels as big as your thumb (yes, I'm exaggerating)

Fishy Fingers3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Fair comment. I'm not a fan of upscaling personally but I suppose on a TV this size it might provide a small improvement. But even upscaling to 1080 from 720 offers little improvement and thats 'only' double the pixels, here your talking 4x the native input, that in itself can cause issues like input lag as the extra processing on the TVs side does take time, not such an issue when your watching TV but possible when playing a game.

Maybe I'm just bitter I can't justify a 4k purchase (see: annoyed girlfriend) yet so trying to console myself ;) But 1080p upscaled will still be a far cry from 4k native.

Volkama3269d ago

But does the Xbox (or ps4) scaler do 4k, or is it the TV doing the work here? It matters because so far 4k TV upscalers have a great image but with enough lag to be a bother for gamers. And this is the £4000 models, so the higher end processors...

AliTheSnake13269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

WRONG. Upscaling stretches the pixels, and makes them look blurry. 1080p of the same size, will have crispier picture. ICC is a marketing stunt.

Nocando3269d ago

Serious question, since the manufacturers are pushing 4k so much, does this mean a new format? Or will it just be higher capacity BR?

LAWSON723269d ago

I believe Blu ray will continue to be the main disc format because it has been improved a lot over the years and now holds up to 100GB