3 possible Riley deaths & endings in ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’

StickSkills writes, "During the first few reveals of Call of Duty: Ghosts, one of the most memorable moments was the introduction of Riley. A social media riot seemed to emerge shortly after with the general consensus stating that Activision and Infinity Ward better not kill the “dog”, or else."

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Lionheart3771912d ago

He dies after that dude from Battlefield punches him.

bondsmx1912d ago

I'm late to the party, but I was thinking the same.. Touché, and nice holeshot. Lol

hqgamez1911d ago

Sadly I believe BF4 is going to lack what the previous one did. A good story.

HawtPaws1912d ago

Or, he doesn't end up being a huge freaking deal in the story, and doesn't die.

Besides, if he dies, he can't make a Nintendogs cameo.

LackTrue4K1912d ago

lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! your avatar picture just screams of jealousy towards the dog in COD!!!

lol....your avatar picture just brings a smile to my face. :D

OrangePowerz1912d ago

Cue CoD hate comments and how awesome BF4 is despite barely changing anything from BF3 either.

GarrusVakarian1912d ago

You just said "cue CoD hate" and then followed with BF3/BF4 hate, lol irony.

Both games will be fine for their intended audiences.

OrangePowerz1912d ago

It`s not BF3/4 hate and I will get both games just a statement about how people complain about one game not changing while praising another one that doesn`t really change either. I don`t buy those games because I want to play something different, I buy them because I want a similar gaming experience to the game before otherwise I wouldn`t a sequel if I wouldn`t want more of the same.

Omegasyde1912d ago

I actually respect Activision in a way.

I just found out they have a fundraiser in place to help vets find jobs. When I got out of the military, finding "meaningful" work was tough. The reason being that ALOT of military skills do not translate into civilian skills


MOUT trainer
SOTG training
Anything in Artillery or Infantry.

The only thing that the skills translate to are either for security work (police if you are lucky) or professional custodian AKA janitor. I remember, going to an interview and they asked me if I "saw anything" overseas meaning combat. After getting a few stares after telling the truth, it seems like the interviewer was worried I had PTSD and go psycho at any moment.SMH


Viking_Socrates1912d ago

>Main character dies, Riley saves the day

This article got it wrong, the main character is obviously Riley.

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