The Reveal of the Xbox One, Five Years Later

Gamerheadquarters; "What an interesting reveal event, it's certainly always going to be remembered and not really for being something that was entirely successful."

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AspiringProGenji1961d ago

Uncle Mattrick was just following orders. he did nothing wrong

chrisx1961d ago

the xbone reveal has to be the worst video game console reveal of all time.

2pacalypsenow1961d ago

Exactly, I don't know why people blame him for the Xbox 1, he still answers to his boss. People forget that Phil Spencer was also there.

People think that these corporate guy can do whatever they want.

Gazondaily1961d ago

"People forget that Phil Spencer was also there. "

He wasn't the head of Xbox.

"People think that these corporate guy can do whatever they want."

Then who does 'whatever they want?'

2pacalypsenow1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

The shareholders who Phil and MS answer to.

If Phil could do whatever he wanted, Xbox would have a lot more games right now.

MS wanted to take on the living room and built Xbox around that, and when it backfired, Mattrick was their escapegoat.

AngelicIceDiamond1960d ago

"MS wanted to take on the living room and built Xbox around that, and when it backfired, Mattrick was their escapegoat."

He wasn't a scapegoat hes the one who issued all the policies. Way before the console reveals he evaluated that most ppl were connected to the internet across the world, therefor made a console centered around that as you said before.

Gazondaily1961d ago

Uncle Mattrick did nothing wrong. But Spencer did everything wrong...

AngelicIceDiamond1960d ago

Lol it was all Mattrick. He was the Head of Xbox hes also responsible for not building 1st part studios for Xbox at the time. Leaving MS to suffer in the future, or now rather. And now Phil has to build up 1st party. God knows how long that's gonna take.

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narsaku1961d ago

That reveal sank their entire brand, it's unreal.

Xbox went from coming out of nowhere, lasting a 4 year generation with the Xbox, then going toe to toe with the biggest names in console gaming the next gen later.

To this.

A bloody joke. Not just with pro TV, but half baked games, scummy service models on top of their already disgusting, "pay for the privilege to use your internet", service.

My only hope is the Master Chief X version is great and Halo6/Fable:Next and new IP's are GOTY material, but I just don't know if they can be when they're made by that company.

Idk, time will tell.

Godmars2901960d ago

"Coming out of nowhere"?

OG Xbox fell on its face, last millions because of a tech flub, the 360 repeated that, had a bad launch but recovered thanks only to MS money and the PS3 worst launch, then promptly sat on it's laurels while also trying to shove Kinect down people's throats.

If anything, you could pretty much see the XB1's launch happening as it even without the leak.

Razzer1960d ago

Huh? 360's launch was very successful. It sold extremely well. It stumbled months later with RROD, but initially it was well received.

Godmars2901960d ago

RROD, along with disc drive issues, was day one. It took months to be recognized and acknowledged by MS.

senorfartcushion1960d ago

I don't know. I'm over it.

The reveal of the next consoles is going to be identical: always online, high price, no discs.

Gazondaily1961d ago

That reveal absolutely shot down years of good will in an instant. The last gen Xbox was already faltering in the final few years with its exclusive output. Then in comes the reveal of the Xbox One making every conceivable mistake possible.

Bundled Kinect
High price
Focus on TV
No actual Kinect games or use of the tech
And on and on..

The Xbox One reveal was the most disastrous reveal of a console that I can recall. 5 years later and whilst many things have been righted, the core problem, the exclusives still hasn't been solved. It makes the Xbox brand the weakest it has ever been since it's inception.

AngelicIceDiamond1960d ago

Wow at stating the obvious? The Xbox reveal was a complete joke an shot themselves in the foot multiple times.

Razzer1960d ago

Yep. And Sony contrasted the X1 perfectly with PS4 lower price, no red tape, and a simple focus on games. Microsoft handed Sony a perfect storm.


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UnSelf594d ago

Vanguard better be at the fkn bottom. Can’t believe ppl haven’t eviscerated that game with all its lacking

Minimoth594d ago

Yeah, it's close to the bottom. There are a couple of worse ones. Infinite Warfare definitely deserves its place.

KyRo594d ago

There's a number a lot worse than Vangaurd. It's also a lot better than that car crash Treyarch released before it.

XbladeTeddy594d ago

World at War is my favourite. Didn't know the N-Gage had a Call of Duty.

MadLad593d ago

Same for me.
I was never huge into Call of Duty, but I sunk a lot of time into WaW.
Both the campaign and the multiplayer are on point. Wouldn't mind a remaster.

I quit on CoD for a long while. Though I'm the odd man out that actually really enjoyed the campaign for WWII, being I got it through Humble monthly way back when.

TheLigX594d ago

I really enjoyed the Infinite campaign. Multiplayer... not so much.

Yppupdam594d ago

I agree, The Infinite campaign feels more like it's own thing that they slapped the CoD name on. If it stood on it's own, (sans the CoD name) I think it could have been it's own scifi franchise. And a damn good looking game, to boot. I never bothered to play the multiplayer.

victorMaje594d ago

MW 2019 apart from the desastrous file sizes is way better than AW.

GhostTurtle593d ago

And Ghost for that matter.