Developing A Knack: A Look Behind Sony's PS4 Launch Title Game

Mark Cerny’s initiation into gaming began with an Atari 2600 thirty years ago. It had a single button and shipped with two joystick controllers and a game cartridge. Over the years, Cerny’s knowledge of gaming evolved and he developed a reputation as an expert.

Gaming controllers have also evolved. The latest Sony SNE +0.36% dualshock controller for Playstation 4 features sixteen button to control sophisticated actions and a touchpad to customize camera angles from each player’s perspective.

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XB1_PS43394d ago

Well, I don't really like the way Cerny is describing the game.. Hopefully it won't be TOO simple.

KalCraig3394d ago

He said there were multiple difficulty settings and that it can be REALLY hard, and to expect to die... a lot.

3394d ago
amnalehu3394d ago

It looks like a simple game but simple does not always equate to easy. I will be getting it as one of my launch titles.