GameSpy: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review - Sony gives racing fans a glimpse of the future

GameSpy writes: "PS3 owners have had every reason to feel owned by their 360 playing counterparts. Microsoft's box has been getting a steady stream of top-shelf games, while the PS3 has been the recipient of lesser games and lesser versions of multiplatform releases. Gran Turismo 5 should change all that. It's the first next-gen version of gaming's premier racing series. The bad news is that it won't be out for a year or so. The good news is that just like with GT4, Sony and Polyphony Digital have released a preview version. Gran Tursimo 5 Prologue may seem like an overgrown demo at times and the $39 price tag may seem high for what you're getting, but if you're a fan of the series -- or racing in general -- it's definitely worth picking up.

If you want to get the most from Prologue, you need to do one very simple thing: Go out and buy a 40-inch or larger HDTV with 1080p capabilities. Visually, the game shines in standard def, but it's truly photo-realistic at times in 1080p. Sony teased gamers early with an HD version of Gran Turismo featuring a run around the Eiger Nordwand circuit. It was meant to show off what the machine was capable of when played with by a solid developer. Prologue is every bit as pretty, and a lot bigger."

-Very impressive graphically, especially in HD;
-Strong online game
-Supports DualShock 3

-Single-player game is short
-Still too easy to win ugly
-Cars still don't show damage

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Rattles3885d ago

im still waiting for sony to say "next gen starts now" maby this years E3 key note???

Greysturm3885d ago

June 12



Killzone release date

Resistance 2 release date

LBP release date

FFXIII release date

Bathyj3885d ago

Next Gen starts with Little Big Planet. Next Gen Graphics, Next Gen Gameplay.

sonarus3885d ago

Hahaha i can't believe they listed the online mode as a pro. Polyphony should seriously consider adding extra events for those who don't have online especially considering the online mode is a complete mess.

All they need to fix online is add damage so no more disappearing, custom matches, friend invites and hopefully custom soundtracks

Breakfast3885d ago

Why does everyone want custom soundtracks??? Dont you have a cd player, or surround sound system that does music better than a tv?

sonarus3885d ago

Yea thats what i do when i play on ps3 but would be a lot better with custom sound tracks. Custom sound tracks aren't necessary in all games but in racing games i think they are vital

Cyrus3653885d ago

Yeah I can't believe the listed online as pro... as the online needs alot of work, but this is why they released prologue, it's like beta for them, gathering info, on how to handle things for the full release.

tweaker3885d ago

All I ask for is custom private matches with friends invite.

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Denges3885d ago


-"Still too easy to win ugly"

what does that mean hahahaha

Alcohog3885d ago

I'm having a surprising amount of fun with this game.

Clinton5143885d ago

I just passed about 2 1/2 hours just now without even realizing it.

Online play is a bit annoying when there are rejects bumping in order to pass me. They seriously need to add private / custom game rooms though.

DJ3885d ago

It's almost as addicting as COD4. I know it doesn't have many tracks, but I actually like playing the same track over and over to memorize all the intricacies. Makes us better drivers. =]

LevDog3885d ago

Gamespy sucks.. They dont know anything about games.. Every single Online game they have POWERED ends up in shambles and lag fest.. They have no room judging a game.. especially since GTP has damage as an update and you can turn it on and off..

Remember people this is like a suped up demo- Your not suppose to get a huge Single player.. This is just a TINY taste of what GT5 will be.. Just enjoy it until GT5 comes out...

sammy_mantra3885d ago

8/10 for an extended DEMO is an awesome score

Be very sure that the full GT5 will get 10/10

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