NBA LIVE 14 | Official Gameplay Trailer

EA:Watch the official NBA LIVE 14 gameplay trailer now to see what you can expect when the game hits stores on November 19th.

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Crazyglues3514d ago

Yeah looks lame compared to 2K14... sorry EA looks like you guys dropped the ball again..

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FamilyGuy3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

You guys realize this games characters are stylized as apposed to the photo-realism look 2K14 is going for right?
They're "toons" for a lack of a better words. The glossiness of the characters and lack of deep, human-like textures should be a clear indication of that.

Not really sure if it couldn't be done on current gen either but maybe something special will give the reason why it's next gen only soon.

For what it is it doesn't look bad, it's just not impressive.

Lior3514d ago

EA please release this game. It will be so funny

Saviour3514d ago

I want to see actual gameplay from 2k14 to compare to this.

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topgun333515d ago

2k 14 looks way better, especially the character models of Nash and Kobe.

305LoneWolf3515d ago

Good trailer, I love the dribbling system, and that Carmelo looks like Carmelo, but Steve Nash still looks funny.. Above all I'm impressed by this trailer..all i need to see is the actual gameplay for nba live as in a full 4 5-minute quarter game to determine my final decision on the game..

NYC_Gamer3515d ago

I thought NBA Live 14 would look way better graphic wise since the game is next gen only

Kingthrash3603515d ago

stiff as a too compaired to 2k...easy win

iceman063514d ago

This was my first impression as well. The graphics are good...not on the 2K level, but enough. However, once the players exit the dribble animation, everything really looked stilted and stiff. Guess I'll have to wait to see a full 5 v. 5. But, my expectations are not that high...saying as though a trailer is supposed to highlight the BEST of what a game can do.

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