One Way NBA Live 14 is Better than NBA 2K14

GoodGameBro writes, "“Ice” is as integral to NBA defense in 2014 as the zone blitz is to football. How, then, is it implemented in both NBA Live 14 and NBA 2K14?

In NBA Live 14, players defend the pick and roll in ways that closely resemble real life. The fit of the “ice” coverage is a little more precise than real life and clearly signposted for users, but the general principle is correct."

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Bengaroo3726d ago

Late but correct.

Live looks weird, but plays a better game of basketball than (the amazing looking) 2K14.

And just shows that 99% of gaming sites who reviewed it, just quickly judged a book by its cover.

zerogotit3726d ago

Youre crazy. Nba live 14 shouldve never been released.

slimeybrainboy3725d ago

This is not a case of everyone rushing to critise Live unfairly. When the developers apologize for the quality of the game, it's time for fans to accept the possibility that the game sucks.

Live 14 is one of the worst games ever released by a major developer imo.

MWong3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Both games have a lot of work to do. However, I think 2K14 was a better overall experience. I think if they would've taken more time with the next-gen version it could've been a lot better.

objdadon3726d ago

Well that cover was sure ugly as hell. I was so jacked that live was coming back and I told myself I'm not gonna worry about graphics just gameplay but after playing next gen 2k14 and then trying the live demo, I just couldn't get past the graphics! Lol!

JetsFool35003726d ago

The Dribbling on live blows nba 2ks out the water

BillytheBarbarian3726d ago

One thing that Live does better than 2k? Collect dust at GameStop on the shelf. Big lots won't make anything on it either. Just put Live in the hole they left when they dug up those E.T. games.

AceBlazer133725d ago

No, this game sucks ass.The defense sucks, the dunks/layups are a sure shot no matter how much the defense try to bat you down.


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2K Shuts Down NBA 2K14 Servers

So NBA 2K14 won’t be joining us in 2016

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Donnywho3116d ago

Took a page right out of EA's playbook.

SunnyZ3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Enjoy your full priced limited time only rented games LOL.

freshslicepizza3115d ago

you mean like the old sports games during the ps1, n64, snes and nes days that had no online at all?

SunnyZ3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

You can still play those now granted you have the correct hardware...

They have taken out a HUGE part of the game, multiplayer. In this day and age, that is unacceptable.

It literally costs them nothing to have a few servers open for the few people that still wish to play their purchased game online with other people.

Shit the game is only what, 2 years old?

That's pathetic support.

If they wish to stop online gameplay, they should be required to release server software so people can host their own game servers.

bumnut3115d ago

How can you miss what did not exist?

freshslicepizza3115d ago

i am not agreeing with what they are doing but it is obvious they want people to buy the new games and not just keep playing online forever. this pushes people to play the new one or like i was referring to keep playing the old one but not online. so how is the game a waste or a rental if you can still play the game minus the online multiplayer?

this is another example of trying to keep revenue going in a market where costs keep going up to make these games. if a game is not functional at all because it relies on servers and they pull the servers then that is a better argument to put forward. then that means it is a rental.

online multiplayer has and always been a bonus in sports games but as a business it makes perfect sense for them to close their servers to help their business model. you want to have repeat customers and the tricky part with sports games is it is harder to convince gamers they need to upgrade each year because of incremental changes that some don't feel it's worth it. this is one way to try and push them but of course there are repercussions because many feel cheated now that their older games re useless. the industry really doesn't want people to sit idle with anything. they want people to keep investing. that's the business model with a lot of products.

Seraphim3115d ago

let me remind everyone nothing is obvious. Only 2k actually knows the numbers of active users still playing 2k14. It is an old games with 2k15 and this years 2k16 both [obviously] being out. So this is actually 3 years old in sporting years. Also it seems to me that like NHL & maybe even Golf that NBA is somewhat of a niche market in gaming and it's easy to consider that few if any are still online w/ 2k14. Either way we simply don't know. I personally don't like the idea of online games or games that require online connectivity because of this. However from a business perspective if it's no longer feasible to keep the servers dedicated to an older game no one, or very few are playing then it's time to shut down. After all you can go out and buy NBA 2k15 for $10-20 now? Even those who can't afford to upgrade annually can at least scrape up that to buy last years and stay online. Shite, I'd donate to someone who truly couldn't afford it.

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moomoo3193115d ago

Its ok I hated 2k14 it was complete ass. 2k16 is miles better you'd be doing yourself a disservice sticking with that old shit.

bumnut3115d ago

You are missing the point, they are forcing you to buy the next game which is wrong.

moomoo3193115d ago

This is not unheard of 2k has to pay for and maintain those servers. Its their perogative to shut down a two year old game. Get over it bro

bumnut3108d ago

No i wont get over it, it is wrong and you are an idiot if you suggest it is ignored.

moomoo3193108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

What is so wrong? Companies do this to older games all the time. Its not like the moment 2k16 comes out they make 2k15 unplayable. 2k14 is two years old at this point, outdated, and was barely playable online the year it launched. 2k probably looks at the metrics, sees barely anyone touches that game, and so they stop supporting it. I really dnt understand your argument im sorry if u feel forced to abandon 2k14...

TeamLeaptrade3115d ago

I think it's pretty sad when they do this to a two year game. But I suppose, when they make yearly releases it's to be expected. But, there are games that still have servers up. I know it's not nearly the same, but I can still play Call of Duty 2 on the 360 online and there is still some people playing. That came out in 2005. A 10 year old game is still active with the sequels also active.

I would welcome a future where sports games just released new updates/add-ons instead of releasing new games each year. Just upgrade the graphics and so on and release a new game every few years maybe.

moomoo3193108d ago

The sports series really should be updateable platforms at this point instead of yearly releases. Problem is i imagine its way more profitable to sell a 60 game every year

Pro_TactX3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Realistically, there probably were not enough people playing 2k14 to justify keeping the servers running. It's more practical to repurpose those servers for the newer games that more people play. I'm sure the vast majority of sports gamers moved on to 2k15 or 2k16.


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