Fortune: The NBA scores with new technology and video games

FORTUNE -- It's been six years since the National Basketball Association (NBA) last brought its All-Star weekend to New Orleans. While that may seem like a small gap of time to fans in the Crescent City, it's a lifetime in the technology world. In that time, the NBA has built one of the largest social media communities in the world.
"We have over 500 million followers and likes combined across all league, team, and player pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Sina, and Tencent that had access to All-Star," said Melissa Rosenthal Brenner, senior vice president of marketing, NBA. "Back in 2008, we weren't on Twitter, Instagram didn't exist and there was no Snapchat. We had a cumulative audience of 500,000 people."

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gamerlive3514d ago

The potential for gaming with players wearing those data discs is very cool.


EA Delists Latest FIFA Games From Prominent Digital Stores

Following the release of EA Sports FC 24, the publisher seems to have removed FIFA 14 up to 22 from major digital storefronts.

MrNinosan3d ago

And as a Journalist, you should know why.
FIFA ain't allowing the games on the storefronts without EA paying for them. Pretty obvious.

Rols3d ago

Looks like the FIFA licensing deal has expired. No mystery about it.

badboyz093d ago (Edited 3d ago )

EA FC please Flop🤞

17h ago
17h ago

EA Sports has partnered with Nike's new NFT platform

“Virtual Creations” from Nike's .swoosh WEB3 Platform will be integrated into EA titles.

Nike has struck a deal with Electronic Arts that paves the way for the introduction of NFTs to the publisher’s sports games.

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potatoseal122d ago

You gotta love EA. They've always got their finger on the pulse of the gaming community in regards to the wants and desires of the players /s

121d ago
potatoseal121d ago

Loot boxes --- "surprise mechanics"
NFTs ----------- "virtual creations"

just_looken120d ago

Well its sports gamers so they will buy the nft's very fast.

BrainSyphoned121d ago

EA: We need a new way to be voted the worst company
Nike: Have you tried child slave labor? No?... well how about a Jordan NFT. We will even throw in Chinese LeBron NFTs for free!

potatoseal121d ago

Can they even read the room? The world wide gaming room filled with gamers. No one wants this. They know they will probably get away with putting NFTs in their sport games.

XiNatsuDragnel121d ago

EA and Activision are competing for worst company fr.

mariopasta121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

How could they not know this is the wrong ass move. If EA survive this which they will, they are seriously untouchable. Too many casuals play their games and dont know what happening or even give a dam

JackBNimble121d ago

How is Nike still surviving?

People talk about justice this justice that but are so self absorbed that they will continue to support these companies so they can have their neat little things.

At the end of the day , everything the plebs say is all a lie.

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EA Proposes 10% Revenue Share For Schools In College Football Game

EA Sports is proposing a 10% revenue share for universities who agree to be in their College Football video game set to be released in July 2024. Schools who choose to participate will receive guaranteed payouts of between $10,000 and $100,000 per year.

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TheColbertinator152d ago

Good idea but I expect the NCAA and college boards to swipe away all that money for themselves.

badboyz09151d ago

This means 2 things
1.Ultimate Team is Confirmed
2.They have some competition from another Studio

anast151d ago

They need to start paying college players.

hiroyukisanada151d ago

Bro, pay as much as you need to and don't be greedy, cuz I NEED my college football game back 🤣
It was the ONLY sports game I bought annually