Metal Gear Online Manual Now Up

The Metal Gear Online manual is now online, this manual can also be accessed via the BETA.

Details include details on
The SOP System
Personal Data

sonarus5900d ago

Yawn. Wake me when the beta is up

Spinner5900d ago

It's going up in 2.5 hours...

pharmd5900d ago

so i have the gamer id, and i confirmed it with the email link, but it wont let me put the id in..... is anyone else havin this problem???

MikeGdaGod5900d ago

where does it say when the US beta starts?

THC CELL5900d ago

hey pog when is this coming out for x box ?????

sorry but this is going to be the best online game ever

well i think

Power off Green5900d ago

what? im here......and your right..ah well il go play with my gaylo friends

Goodfella785900d ago

Download the fockin thing [screams at umpa lumpas],.this takes ages,and ive heard its a fanny tryin to register ya online id,.had the little fellows working overtime on my wireless wonka network,.right im off to lick my wallpaper and wait for my dowmload to finish.peace out......

Premonition5900d ago

In what country "3fixme" I thought the beta started the 21st, which is like 8-9hrs away.

Alcaponedyou5900d ago

which is 6pm Eastern time, 3 Pacific.

notpill5900d ago

wil be up at midnight (CEST) so just a couple of hours away