Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Free Server Transfers Scheduled to Start on October the 15th

Square Enix announced today that the previously detailed server transfer service will begin on October the 15th.

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thejigisup1862d ago

This a good news, can't wait to switch, a ton of my friends just jumped on an open server so now finally we get to move. Square started there would bet a cap on the amount of gil that would transfer with you. I'm wondering how they will handle that, items, and retainers during the move. I expect the markets to be flooded shortly after the free transfers start...smh

UltimateMaster1861d ago

Thumbnail: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, The Sports Illustrated edition.

paradigmfellow1862d ago

I gave up on this game. Titan HM is way too difficult. I don't like playing a game that is going to make me feel miserable.

Edward751861d ago

Be glad you gave up when you did. I'm guessing this game just isn't for you. Still so much to do though. Oh well.... I guess Titan on hard mode destroyed your soul.

Lovable1861d ago

Just to let you know they release Titan HM extreme mode.

paradigmfellow1861d ago

I already knew that. I spent a whole week trying to beat Titan HM, in full DL gear and with Garuda weapon.

thejigisup1860d ago

Bwahhhattt, gave up bc its too hard? That is the lamest thing I have heard since the government vaca.. shutdown

paradigmfellow1859d ago

Some of us play games to relax and regain a little bit of out thoughts, not to continue our daily stresses.

thejigisup1859d ago

I definitely agree about paying games to relax but giving up on a game bc its too hard? I understand titan is tough hm way more of a pain however sometimes it's as simple as setting the game down and revisiting at a later date. Giving up on such a great game sends like such a waste. I found that with a party of friends who communicate well none if the bosses are really that hard. Fates however that's a different story.

KillaManiac1861d ago

As long as legacy players can't transfer yet I am happy.