Watch Dogs on Wii U 'is superior to current-gen'

Nintendo console version looks better than on PS3 and 360, says Ubisoft creative director.

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jackanderson19851835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

i approved this just to get the pending to zero not gonna lie

i'm glad some third parties still believe in the Wii U i like the console

StuGillies1835d ago

I approved for the same reason, but still hope the creative director dude is not trolling!

vishmarx1835d ago

id believe when i see either lol.
so far we havent seen anything other than the pc version

Chrischi19881835d ago


Sorry, but how can you even think, that it wont look better than current gen, if they actually optimized the game for the Wii U instead of giving it a mere 360 port?

How can anybody think, that a newer tech, with a tri core, is only on par with a single core 7 year old tech? There is nothing to believe when you see it, it is common sense and there are actually very good reasons, why the Wii U didnt show of what it can do, until now, since it only got mere ports, look at the exclusiv titels on a big screen full hd tv, then you will notice a huge difference in graphics capabilities, but I bet you never looked at something like this.

guitarded771835d ago

I would expect the Wii U version to be better than the PS3/360 versions since it is a more modern console costing more than both.

Personally, I have the game pre-ordered for the PS4 and expect it to be even better there. But I think the gameplay and originality look good enough to make it a must play experience on any platform.

I just use my Wii U for console exclusives, but want to see the console perform well with third party too. It ends up being good for the console, which leads to longer-term support.

Eonjay1835d ago

I have no doubt it does.... it is a more powerful system... More power systems SHOULD LOOK BETTER. Glad to see they are not enforcing parity with current gen systems.

nypifisel1835d ago

It's pretty obvious the Wii U version will be superior to the current gen consoles. The Wii U might not have much to say against the next generation but against the 360 and ps3 it's way ahead!

miyamoto1835d ago

i am sure they put lots of money on the wii u he must say anything to maximize ROI

dantesparda1835d ago

You WiiU fanboys are a sad, sad bunch,...pathetic really. Keep living in la la land

PurpHerbison1834d ago

"You WiiU fanboys are a sad, sad bunch,...pathetic really. Keep living in la la land"

I don't even own a Wii-U, but I have browsed N4G enough to know that everything you said could easily be said to a sony fanboy.

dantesparda1832d ago


Yeah cuz you're a MS fanboy. All fanboys stupid, but some are more delusional than others. With he WiiU fanboys being the most delusional, than the MS fanboy, with their X1 and then Sony fanboys thinking it can compete with the PC.

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levian1835d ago

Well it should look superior to current gen. It IS more powerful after all. It just has nothing on next gen, is all.

triforce791835d ago

So when Ubi said its in between current and next gen they meant feature set not graphics because he says a version standpoint not visuals he says visually it looks noticeably better than current gen ect so on par with xbox1 easy....

SnotyTheRocket1835d ago

Ubisoft is really the only big third party really trying to push the Wii U.

DonFreezer1835d ago

The Wii U has some of the best games ever conceived coming in the next years. I have just seen again the trailer for X and me a Microsoft fan seriously think if I have the money to buy one just for this game.

HeroReborn1835d ago

I just cant support Nintendo politics, they are not connected with the western audience at all. They as a company need some restructuring.

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Software_Lover1835d ago

No duh. That is why I don't understand why GTAV will not come to Wii-U.

fattyuk1835d ago

Because rockstar like to sell more than 29 copy's on each platform.

And no before you say "it will be a console seller" it wouldnt.

Software_Lover1835d ago

........ I was actually gonna give you props on the 29 copies joke, but you killed the humour with the secons line.

LOL_WUT1835d ago

Why because he's right? ;)

The_Villager1835d ago

Sad troll attempt. What install base does the PS4 have? Oh yeah that's right 0.

"So if the Wii u is a next gen console, why even talk about how it's superior to current gen?"

Are you for real? How many articles do we see on this site daily comparing current and next gen versions of BF4, Watchdogs and AC4?

clouds51835d ago

For this Xmas season wii u will have a bigger install base than ps4 and xb1 combined.

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-Foxtrot1835d ago

I think it's because if it releases on a next gen system Rockstar might think the rest of the gaming community will want a next gen version of GTAV for the PS4 and Xbox One.

fattyuk1835d ago

So if the Wii u is a next gen console, why even talk about how it's superior to current gen?

Isn't it/Shouldn't it be pretty obvious if the wii u is next gen.

KwietStorm1835d ago

Like people don't already want a next gen version? Like people didn't already go so far as to supposedly dig up PS4 code from the game data?

Chrischi19881835d ago

It is obvious, but the PS fannies just hate it so much, that they will use the most hilarious arguments and spreading dumb lies like it is only on par with current gen, like PS4 and X1 wont struggle to sell units, if the same games come to a installbase as huge as PS3 and 360, which will happen to most games and why should anyone buy the next gen then? Are you willing to pay at least $400 for the same gameplay, with better graphics? Most wont.

If Devs dont take time to make the game look better on Wii U, how should it look better? Do you think, if a PS4 would get a port of an 360 game, that the GPU of the PS4 will magically improve the games graphics? Have you ever played an old PC game on a new PC? Does the game look better there, in some magical way? I do not think so.

deafdani1835d ago

@The_Villager: and GTAV won't be available for PS4, either. What's your point?

Yodagamer1835d ago

I think it had more to do with the lack of a hard drive on the wii u with the 8 gb install.

Software_Lover1835d ago

I don't know why I continue to forget about that. But they could just make it mandatory (on the box) for you have have an SD card to install the game on or something.

I just don't understand why Nintendo did not put a reasonably size HDD in the Wii-U

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fattyuk1835d ago

Congratulations nintendo!!

I'll let you how my "superior" copy on my PS4 is doing when it arrives.

CrossingEden1835d ago

He was copying it to CURRENT GEN, as in no need to mention next gen. -__- Christ.

lilbroRx1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

I'll let you know how much my PC copy is superior to anything you'll ever get on the PS4 as well.

LOL_WUT1835d ago

So defensive man not good ;)

We already know this game is visually closer to current gen no need to be surprised

PopRocks3591835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )


Don't even try to pull that crap when just a couple of weeks ago you were insisting the Wii U cannot produce anything above the 360's capabilities. I'm tired of this. You can't go "Wii U is weaker/on par to 360" one post and then go "Of course it's superior to 360" another.

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to say inb4 disagrees that defend this blatant hypocrisy.

Neonridr1835d ago

@LOL_WUT - the game will be somewhere in the middle graphically wise. It will incorporate some newer tech effects that the 360 and PS3's GPU's can't perform properly, but it obviously won't have all the feature set from the PS4/XB1 versions. The consoles are much superior. Just like the PS4/XB1 versions won't have the same graphic fidelity as the PC version..

That's just using common sense, no need to act like you made some revolutionary statement by saying the Wii U will be somewhere in the middle.

TheGrimReaper1835d ago

Since when is WiiU current gen?
I think it is sad that they have to mention that a WiiU version of a game is looking better than the 360/PS3 versions. It should be a given..

lilbroRx1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Its because of people who like you that they have to make comments like this.

They make the statements to shut up remarks like "its so sad that they have to compare it to the only other consoles that are currently out" but apparently it doesn't work.

TheGrimReaper1835d ago

It isn't sad that they compare it to other consoles of this gen.
Well, let me explain to you what I think is sad:
WiiU is technically better than 360 and PS3.
And I have to read comments which praise developers for something which shouldn't be too hard to accomplish.

And they don't have to make these comments for people like me (didn't realise you know me, but ok...) as I always assume that current gen titles will be better on WiiU.

PopRocks3591835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )


It SHOULD be a given. The problem is a lot of Wii U's earliest titles looked on par to the 360, if not just slightly under par. This has given it a reputation as being only just as strong, despite developer praise that has stated otherwise; I point directly at indies and Shin'en in particular.

There are commenters on here who believe tooth and nail, without a shadow of a doubt, in SPITE of Criterion's port of Need for Speed and Crytek's new engine running on Wii U but not 360/PS3, that Wii U is somehow just on par or weaker than generation seven consoles. It's ridiculous. The proof is out there, but people choose to ignore it.

Edit: Not saying you are ignoring it btw, I can tell from your comment you're basically neutral on the matter. It's just my take on the issue.

triforce791835d ago

By the way noticeably better is basically almost equal to pc if you ask me,just like Activision said wiiu will have the nextgen graphics not current,in terms of features all 3rd party support on wiiu will have a few different things from the new HD twins due to Sony/Microsoft....

Beastforlifenoob1835d ago

The WII U has more RAM yes but the ram has a significantly slower clock speed then the ram on the PS360, the processor has more cores but the PS360 are clocked far, far higher. The GPU on the WII U is better but it wont save the console. Thats why the next few games will look nicer than 8 year old hardware (WOOOOOOOOW what a friking achievement) but then its going to go down the drain 1 year after the PS4XBOX1 release.

Many developers have said the WII U IS less powerful than the PS360.

and also DEFINATELY watch this

PopRocks3591835d ago


Well bless me bagpipes, clearly your research is irrefutable. /s

Okay, so what about Shin'en, a dev that has actually successfully made games on Wii U that cannot run on the 360/PS3 while only using one of the console's three cores?

Or how about Crytek's new engine running on the Wii U, Xbox One and PS4 and not on the 360/PS3? And why did Criterion's port of Need For Speed look so much better on Wii U than on 360/PS3?

The answer is this; it's more powerful in some way or another. The developers who said it was less powerful? Either they just can't work with the CPU (an understandable complaint, if not without context) or they simply did not give the hardware the time of day.

The Wii U won't be on par with Xbox One or PS4, that's a fact. But enough of this "current gen" garbage. It's not on par, it's more powerful. That's it and case closed.

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jcnba281835d ago

LOL Superior in what way exactly? Graphics? No that will be the PC version. Try again.

Chrischi19881835d ago

Superior in graphics, gameplaywise, if you dont own a Vita, not so much^^

Use some logic and dont state such fanny arguments.

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Jack_Of_All_Blades1835d ago

Well yeah, as far as graphical ability the Wii is between current and other next gen consoles

triforce791835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

It's all PR rubbish look at the textures in MK8,look at the insane action in Bayonetta2,look at X the game looks outstanding the video where u see 4 player co-op in them graphics wow,look at a fairly quick port in NFS it was like pc on high in graphics,all these graphics are equal anything ive seen on xbox1 or ps4 period look these games run in 1080p/60fps as well and have been achieved fairly early in the wiiu's life...Smash,Zelda,MK8,Bayonet ta2,X,Project CARS,with lots more all in 2014 let me say this when these games are released you will find it hard to tell anyone xbox1 or ps4 have better graphics......

Plus with knowing the specs i still belive a custom E6760 which is a dx11 card but obviously Nintendo will use its opengl version also with tons of edram please when devs tap into this u have a beast,remember project CARS uses 1 cpu core ???

R00bot1834d ago

Project CARS USED to use one CPU core, but they added particle shading and some other effects and it now uses all of them.

I think "X" looks better than any PS4 or XBOX ONE game shown so far, just because of it's MASSIVE scale and the way it still pulls off graphics that great.

-Foxtrot1835d ago

So it should it's next gen ¬¬

Will it look superior to the PS4/Xbox One though? Probably not.

lilbroRx1835d ago

Hmmm, will it look superior to hardware that came out a year later with a higher price tag?

That is unlikely. I doubt Nitnendo was able to time travel and acquire 2013 tech back in 2011.

LOL_WUT1835d ago

Still making excuses for their hardware I see... Either way Nintendo is going to be put on the test this November ;)

KwietStorm1835d ago

So you think it's because the hardware comes out a year later? lol

Korde111834d ago

It really does not matter if it looks better. It will be an epic experience only found on a Nintendo Wii U. If anyone is wondering, I am a fan boy. I am a fan boy of any system that can provide me with a great experience. Right now I am playing the Wii U and I am already enjoying the next gen while others are just talking about it. I might get one or both of the other
systems if I run out of games that I enjoy but that does not look like it is going to happen anytime soon.