Titanfall Interview with Abbie Heppe [Capsule Computers]

Andrew Day from Capsule Computers wrote:

Titanfall. The game has been turning heads and garnering more than its fair share of positive attention since it was announced at this year’s E3 Expo. EA‘s upcoming sci-fi shooter combines traditional first person shooter combat, combined with parkour/free-running/double jumping super soldiers, and of course giant mechanical suits into a game that just awesome. With all the hype behind the game, I spoke to Abbie Heppe, Respawn Entertainment’s community manager to discuss the game.

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masterabbott2022d ago

this game is looking like a day 1 purchase for me and that Abbie is cool!

KBug932022d ago

I've Titanfallen in love with this game.

urwifeminder2022d ago

Yes liking what I see a game that's pure fun.

thejoker10002022d ago

i am not being a fanboy or something but can someone tell me what the F**** IS SO GOOD ABOUT THIS GAME?? it's just a f****ing COD with machines god damn it wake the f**** up people!!!

Legacy2122022d ago

Tell me what fps coming out looks more innovated or more fun then titan fall

thejoker10002022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

kid i can name you a long long long list better then this crap

Legacy2122022d ago

Kid start listing because I am waiting. It has recieved so much praise on awards more then anu new fps coming to next gen. Any fps game can be called COD but with _____. The fact is how versatile the humand are and the giant titans make it NOTHING like cod and the fact that the multiplayer and single player are mixed into one make it nothing like COD. Nice attempt to troll try harder next time.

thejoker10002022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

it even don't have a single player but cod kids are everywhere and there is nothing i can do about it it will sell millions just like cod did

OpieWinston2022d ago

Not having single player is a terrible reason....

It means they're focused on multiplayer, and delivering a SP/MP hybrid style of competitive play.

CoD = Killstreaks vs Soldier...Killstreaks win
Titanfall = Titans vs Pilots...Damage vs Utility, it's looking a hell of a lot more balanced then CoD has been in many years.

princejb1342022d ago

joker if you dont like it than dont buy it thats all
for next gen game this game looks amazing and a bit different
this is one of my most wanted game for next gen right now

PhenomenalDay2021d ago

It is hard to get a grasp for the game from the videos and interviews, but it really doesn't feel like COD or anything on the market at the moment. The Titans mix up the gameplay a lot, but even without them the game feels more fluid and dynamic than COD ever does.

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