IGN: Warhawk: Operation Broken Mirror Review

Jeff Haynes writes:

''Have you flown the deadly skies recently? Tiptoed your way across a battlefield littered with mines and debris? Survived a tank and jeep rush that's flooded your base? If you've been playing Warhawk, you probably have. Incog Inc.'s fast paced multiplayer action title, released last August via Blu-ray and PSN download, packed incredible battles on land and in the air across a variety of maps. The release of the first booster pack, titled Operation: Omega Dawn, added a new area to fight across and a new vehicle to fly. One might think that the follow-up booster pack might simply be more of the same, but he'd be sorely mistaken. Operation Broken Mirror expands the mechanics of Warhawk significantly, adding new elements of gameplay and a new area to fight, expanding the scope of soldiers and taking advantage of a recently released patch to make this title accessible to newcomers and veterans alike.''

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psycho3603927d ago

Suddenly DLC is becoming cool. Happy for you guys.

AlterEgo3927d ago

the map is absolutely massive

much bigger than omega dawn

Danja3927d ago

thats what i noticed also.....damn Warhawk the game that keeps giving..

gamesR4fun3926d ago

Our clan is currently hosting training servers for anyone looking to sharpen their warhawk skills. Vets and noobs are welcome unranked servers will be running weekly.
Anyone interested in participating message me @ psn id: dferr

Megaton3927d ago

The APC is totally awesome. I was skeptical about getting this because I was disappointed with Omega Dawn, and rarely even used it, but I'm glad I bought this one. The APC alone makes it worth the price. The extra level is just a bonus for me.

crimsonfox3927d ago

i think this was a much better pack and plus the new weapons it's great

crimsonfox3927d ago

I dont know man i thinkit's like Omega dawn right now how everyone is to excited to just play they wanna fund the apc and learn how to use it mid game and everyone that knows how to use it cant. thats why for every map or what ever i buy i make a private match with friends then learn everything about it so i dont become asicl a$$ inconvience to everyone...but i wish people whould do that more offten

Armyless3926d ago

Responsible gamer here, folks.

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The story is too old to be commented.