Warhawk 2: What Should Change?

Warhawk is one of the most popular games on the Playstation 3. The game did cam with several flaws, however. Here are a few improvements the sequel can make.

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Killjoy30003791d ago

Incorporate a proper aiming system without auto-aim (not that the first wasn't awesome, but c'mon) and either add handicap or decrease the hits it takes to kill somebody and it will be perfect. Oh, and make it 60 fps.

It'd be perfect.

koehler833791d ago

The auto-aim is a measure of balance in a few specific weapons. Warhawk has a broad appeal because it doesn't require the FPS skillset. The balance of the weapons/vehicles gives it a specific skillset. If you happen to have a good grasp of manual aim, it gives you a huge advantage with RPGs, tanks, planes, grenades and sniper rifles. It also improves the effectiveness of the auto-aim where applicable. Saying you want to remove that is basically like saying you want it to be another game, in which case you should just play another game.

edgeofblade3791d ago

I'm all for handicaps when implemented properly. I hate games that don't make the elite players work any harder. I'm all for capitalism and dislike socialism in the real world, but in games, if the goal is to have fun, sure... give the elite a run for their money in the unranked stuff. But don't throw me the new player into a dogfight I'm going to get torn up on. I'll just go play a different game.

Sarcasm3791d ago

Warhawk in 60fps would be awesome.

They could have done it, but then we'll sacrifice the smooth edges of 4x anti-aliasing.

Doppy3791d ago

OMG. Everything they said is exactly what I wanted and thought should be in a new Warhawk. Single Player, Sea Combat, Classes, and more players (controls are good once you get the hang of them, but I agree they should be a tad easier).

A single player campaign would be awesome especially if you get to play as either faction with a different story for both (If this does happen it can be similar battles in both modes just to make it easy for developers).

Sea combat should be a combination of land and air vehicles. Jet ski is equal to jeeps and jetpacks up to two passengers back passenger can shoot their weapons, and can fly off at any time. The speed boat = warhawk Carries up to 4 players, has a boost feature, and 2 turrets on the front for other passengers. And finally the battleship = tank the truck thingy and the huge helicopter thingy. Carries at least 8 players has multiple turrets on it for other players and allows Warhawks to spawn on it.

A class system would help with team battles, but I don't see how useful they'll be in death match. I guess it depends on what their abilities are. The class system is the one that Warhawk can do without.

Warhawk 2 should be the next 60 player game on the PS3. This would make sea combat even more necessary, because when bases run out of warhawks you see everyone else run for a vehicle so those who are left will run straight for the sea. I think they need to reward players who do things for the team with badges and trophies support (make most of the badges earned in multiplayer have to do with team work next go round).

I_am_rushin3791d ago

warhawk is too fast for no auto aim.

p.s. I thought the controls were awesome what is this article talking about.

ThanatosDMC3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Warhawk doesnt need change but it requires "more".... basically more vehicles, more weapons, more everything anything. Aim is totally fine... it's perfect.

Sea vehicles is great. Mobile bases would be awesome. Capital ships, anyone? Anti air jeeps/tanks.

swinesucker3791d ago

Yeah, don't mess with the aiming system at all. I am a captain after 6 months and all I can say is the lobby system needs to be sorted by badges and medals to prevent endless 10-2 games. Everyone who plays warhawk knows about its lobby. And it sucks. And next time, release the game so cheaters don't have MONTHS and MONTHS to cheat. And maybe staying with the game too. We could use another patch. Yeah right.

kwicksandz3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Make the graphics above ps2 quality
First person mode for on foot
In vehicle camera
More variety in warhawk designs
Bf2 style squad system and commander mode.

Oooh and multi person aircraft. Think like a bf2 bomber with different ppl manning different stations

Killjoy30003790d ago

I'm talking person to person here with pistols and rifles. I'm talking about the auto-AIM, not the aut lock-on.

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Bumpmapping3791d ago

Warhawk was garbage.The on ground combat was terrible,graphics are god awful....My least favorite PS3 game this gen.

lokiroo4203791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

What a tool! Just go back to your 5 vs 5 on live.

jBat173791d ago

not really sure how they can improve warhawk.. it was almost perfect for me.. maybe update the graphics, add all the dlc vehicles, more players make it 64vs64, make it easier to snipe..

meatnormous3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Sniping in warhawk isn't hard. I can snipe people across the map all the time. I even shot down a warhawk with the sniper. That is how i recieved the anti air ninja trophy.

Fat Bastard3791d ago

You're a garbage xbot. I bet you've never even played Warhawk. It's THE reason I bought my PS3 and is just plain amazing.

On topic, I really don't want them to implement a single player campain. I have a feeling it will suck and that they should just focus on the multiplayer, cause that's all that really matters :)

likedamaster3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

"Warhawk was garbage.The on ground combat was terrible,graphics are god awful....My least favorite PS3 game this gen."

Seems to me you've played a lot of shooters. Looks don't necessarily make a game though, it has to be fun.

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Godmars2903791d ago

Would love to see a map with floating sections. Two aerial fleets that have crashed into each other.

Eventine3791d ago

More or less my thoughts exactly, i think a mission based map with one team's airship attacking the other's island base would be pretty epic.

swinesucker3791d ago

Yeah, what a great idea. If only it was on pc heh.

OhReginald3791d ago

NEEDS SINGLEPLAYER campagin that can be played with co-op AND offline multiplayer splitscreen with bots.

Tomkar3791d ago

You truly got it, thats exactly what the game needs to be superior!

CobraKai3791d ago

That's the reason I never got Warhawk to begin with. I had to go back and play the PS1 version. It didn't age well. Not at all.

QuackPot3791d ago

Not needed if they include bots.

Warhawk has now established itself as a MP online game. Let the developers focus on MP and/or online Coop like R2, and get this perfected instead of wasting valuable time/effort on SP.

dznutz003791d ago

they need to make it so u cant fly ur warhawk into a jeep without blowing up thats some BS take out the auto aim and a change the guns it would be cool to have more than one hand gun type and machine gun type and so on

dznutz003791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

why you guys disagree with me
please tell me u dont like that BS flying into a jeep at full speed but not killing u and the man in the jeep crap

im cool with auto aim in or out but i think it would add some skill to it without it

and the cover system idea is good also the space thing

graphics are good now i would much rather they work on gameplay and just work on the graphics last but thats just me

more vehicles
more guns
more players
better character/vehicle customization something like the level of customization rainbow six