PSLS Trophy Guide - Warhawk

Back on August 27th the popular online-only, PS3 exclusive title Warhawk received its highly anticipated 1.5 patch. This update added many features including Trophies, Custom Music and Training Modules. The base game itself weighs in with a impressive 41 Trophies, with each expansion adding an additional four trophies each to bring the final total to 57.

Of all 57 Trophies, only 12 are retroactive and deal with clan status, awards, medals and rank. The remaining 44 (plus platinum) Trophies are entirely new to the game. The Trophies for Warhawk are quite varied ranging from skill (Lone Wolf, Cowboy) to luck (Invincible, One In A Million) to some just plain crazy ones (How Did You Do That?, Minesweeper). The newly-included Training Modules also pave way to three Bronze Trophies.

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thor3776d ago

One in a million isn't luck (that's shooting a warhawk with a tank BTW). It's skill, and it's a huge part of the game. That's why you can't stay still for too long when fighting against a tank in a warhawk. Warhawk is deceptive; at first it seems that the auto-aim, lock-ons and 1 hit kill weapons will lend themselves only to overall strategy. But there is a great amount of skill in using the tank cannon, the sniper rifle, and even the grenades. The warhawk itself requires huge amounts of skill to pilot well (I just switched to pro flight mode so I'm having to learn how to dodge missiles all over again).

Miraak82 3776d ago

one and a million took me like a week to get, proud to say I now have 25 warhawk trophies

thor3776d ago

I tell you, it's a LOT easier to shoot a warhawk who is circling you if you have 100% aim speed. Of course the best way is to wait until a warhawk stops and shoots someone _else_, then you can pick him off from a bit further away. Sniping warhawks is even more fun :D

Nuclearfish3776d ago

Awesome, a trophy guide to help all those trophy padders out there. :(

At least I've achieved all of mine the proper way rather than setting up my own server. :)

PainisCupcake3776d ago

Yes this article seems purely based on how to pad the trophies rather than get them properly.

Rich16313776d ago

I used to hate this game with a passion, but I must say it has grown on me. Before the trophies I think my total playtime was around 4 hours, so I never gave it a chance. Now, the trophies have me addicted and I really like it. It just has a high learning curve that takes a long time to get used to.

Tidus113776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

I agree rich the same thing happen to me now im hooked haha

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