MMOs aren’t fun anymore: EverQuest Next wants to bring online gamers back by changing the rules

“I think it was almost a guaranteed recipe for failure,” said Dave Georgeson, Director of Development on EverQuest Next. The previous version of Everquest Next, which had been in development for at least three years at Sony Online Entertainment, was to be scrapped and restarted from scratch.

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specialguest1936d ago

MMO with the oculus rift would be and wondrous experience in thw future if almost everyone is connected that way. Instead of living that MMO life from an overview perspective, you're actually transported into the actual world in the body of your avatar.

MooseWI1936d ago

Yeah I don't know, MMO's take a lot for me to get into.

3-4-51936d ago

* Destructive Forts/bases/cities

* We get to build our own towns / cities

Haven't played an MMO since WoW backin 2007, but I'd consider this one, once I've seen more.

GinkgoID1936d ago

The Minecraft on steroids aspects in EverQuest Next look really interesting.

Kamikaze1351936d ago

I'm having a blast with A Realm Reborn. I'm looking forward to Everquest as well.

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