Top 5 Ninja Games To Play

When it comes to ninjas, just about any gamer wants to play as one in a video game.

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ianblake2379d ago

we need a nex-gen tenchu

RBlue_Desire2379d ago

Ninja Blade. One of the overtop action QTE sequences, and boy there were sure a heck lot of QTE. Like every mission ending had one, but the feats by Ken Ogawa are sure impressive :P.

Dodging lasers at almost face 2 face distance, stopping an airplane with 2 ropes.

skydragoonity2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Why did they really stop the tenchu series? Did they not know tenchu has a fanbase... I agree with blake tenchu is long overdue

Moncole2379d ago

Mark of the Ninja is probably the best ninja game

Venox20082378d ago

I really enjoyed a lot Mark of Ninja and Ninja blade, underrated game :)