More Games Should Have Developer Commentary

Dozens of movies with director's commentary come out every year, but video games have so little developer commentary in comparison.

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SSjDomon1455d ago

I agree completely. There are other things which are needed as well, though. We don't get much Behind the Scenes content, and Subtitles (especially spoken ones). Most games also force you to always start from the beginning and if you're lucky you can later have access to a Chapter Select feature, but that should be open at all times, along with a Rewind/Forward and Scene Selection feature. There's no reason not to have all this stuff.

NathanAustin1454d ago

Yeah, some more quality of life changes becoming the norm in games would be great.

SSjDomon1454d ago

Yep, true. The first game I played with commentary was Thomas Was Alone. I don't think I'd have played through it without the commentary since it was just an average platformer. I'm always looking for more now, haha. I wonder if there's a list anywhere.