Top 10 Best Games You Can Play On A Low End PC Or Laptop

While everyone likes to play the latest shooter, and mess around in the biggest open world game, not everyone has the gaming system that's up to the task.

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Krussail2446d ago

That's a good bunch of games. Can anyone suggest more?

PlayBot2446d ago

Ah finally!! Waiting for a list like this for a long time now


Top 10 Best Video Games Like DnD (Dungeons & Dragons)

Twinfinite: "In the mood for a Dungeons and Dragons-like experience? We've got you covered. Inside, we run down ten of the best. Let's get into it!"

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Christopher490d ago

Best Video Games Like D&D. Includes two games that are literally using the D&D ruleset and have WotC D&D branding and one that uses the D&D 3.5 ruleset with custom classes (Pathfinder).

I really wish authors would spend more time explaining and detailing things rather than being so focused on throwing a list together for yet another opinion piece. There's a ton you can say about all of these games and their ties to Pen and Paper roleplaying. Other than Armello, all of the listed games are inspired by various PnP RPGs, including Warhammer for one of them. Obsidian alone got much of their start in classic D&D RPGs and Dragon Age was their own take on many of their past creations molded into one that was even turned into a PnP game.


5 Great Indie Games on Xbox Game Pass

From Celeste to Hades, passing through Outer Wilds, here are 5 great indie games on Xbox Game Pass. There is no question that AAA games are some of the best experiences available, but there are also some hidden gems out there, coming from independent developers.

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5 Indie Roguelike/Roguelite Games for People Who Hate Them

KeenGamer: "These 5 indie Roguelike/Roguelite games are worth playing, even if you hate this genre of games. These indie games go above and beyond to create some truly great experiences within this very competitive genre with unique twists and quirks. Whether that’s cool mechanics, unique additions, or just great gameplay. Even those who may be burnt out or simply not like the genre will likely find something here to tickle their fancy."

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