Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe: First Trailer

Wow - this one is a mind trip. GamesRadar UK has managed to secure the first reveal of the new Mortal Kombat game. But your favorite spine-ripping warriors are no longer alone.

In Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, releasing this fall on 360 and PS3, they'll be joined - and challenged to battle - by your favorite justice-serving superheroes as well.

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MK_Red3838d ago

Dammit, I was beaten by 7 minutes. I was about to submit this and then...

Still pretty angry at the whole MK vs DC. Midway should burn in hell.

sonarus3838d ago

I don't get why everyone is pissed. It worked for marvel vs capcom why do you think MK vs DC will fail. Mk has been falling off for a long time i think they needed to refreshen their image and that is exactly what they are doing

SPARTAAN3838d ago

i had really high hopes for this mk but with no fatalities = epic fail

Palodios3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

@ Sonarus

A lot people are worried that this will hurt the integrity of the series. Rumors have been circulating about how there will be no blood or fatalities in this game, and quite frankly, what is Mortal Kombat without it? I was a big fan of Friendships, Animalities, Brutality, Stage Fatalitys, and Babyalitys, but they've been trimming it down for a while, and it might just get worse here with all the licensing conflicts.

Remember the uproar that happened with Soul Calibur and Star Wars?

kosha3838d ago

It was the first game to have proper violence and thats what the whole series is built on. Now there taking it away. Oh dear,oh dear. The only good thing about them joing with dc is that i get to batter superman. Invinsible my arse, we'll see what sub zero has to say about that.

Jinxstar3838d ago

I agree MK multimillion dollar flop.

Chuck Norris3838d ago

MK8: MK & DC vs a handicapped Chuck Norris.

kewlkat0073838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

with my Hat? I can't slice people open..

I gonna have to pull out rabbits.. and other tricks.

sonarus3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

lol no fatalities are impossible. Midway isn't stupid. That is all MK is about fatalities, babalities, nudalities, mutalities, brubalities, animalities, friendships and mercies. Did i miss any?

SPARTAAN3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

what kind of fatalities will batman superman flash and so onn will have

acetw1n3838d ago

can i get some photo realistic graphics with real martial arts moves

BLUR1113838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

im sure it will have fatalitys in the new game. i mean look it mortal kombat plus it be cool to DC see real dark and brutal combat while killing there opponent

sonarus3838d ago

LOl it doesn't matter its a game.
Superman fatality 1
heat vision
superman fatality 2
some super strenth combo

fatality 1: runs around and traps you in a vortex so can't breathe
fatality 2: runs right thru you and takes your heart while he's at it

Batman is the easiest
Fatality 1 does something with the batarang
fatality 2 does whatever it is he did to the riddler in batman forever:D

Megaton3838d ago

This is really disappointing. I don't even really know what to say, so I'll leave it at that. Shame on you, Midway.

thePatriot3838d ago

thats a good sign. I dont see why is everyone so mad for dc characters in the mk universe. I say that gameplay is all that matters.

Omegasyde3837d ago

I have started a Petition against Midway and Mortal Kombat vs. DC

I started a petition, so that Mortal Kombat does not go down in flames. Please sign if you are a fan and tell a friend.

Gamers Unite!

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BIoodmask3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

old-school MK fan. I think the best in the series has always been MK2 & 3. The game looks neat but it kind of seems like a gimic. I'm sure I will still like it. I just wish Ed Boon would take the MK series back to its roots.

@MK_Red above, Sorry about beating you by 7 minutes. :(

MK_Red3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

I'm with you. Hopefully it's only a spin-off and real MK8 comes out one day and goes back to MK's real roots.

EDIT: No problem my friend. It's just so sad. The whole MK community should boycot this POS.

fenderputty3838d ago

as long as the rumors of no blood and fatalities aren't true. If those rumors turn out to be true, then I won't be getting this.

sonarus3838d ago

Yea MK2 and 3 were by Far the best. Things went down hill when they started on mythologies and MK4

kewlkat0073838d ago

and the quality of that game was a joke. Too many glitches playing online.

Seems like nobody plays the damn thing, it took an average 15 mins to get someone to play in public.

Anyhow maybe the no fatality is a late april fools joke...

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tweaker3838d ago

Batman looks corny in the original costume.

jackdoe3838d ago

That's not his original costume. That is the current outfit he wears in the DC universe.

tweaker3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

O well, still looks corny though. I like the Batman Begins suit a lot more.

Come to think of it, I really want an awesome Batman sandbox style single player game. Enough with the Spiderman rehashes.

NOTORIOUSzeke3838d ago

Of beating up some of my most hated DC characters (superman, I'm looking at you). I have always been more of a Marvel fan and a Streetfighter fan though...

FordGTGuy3838d ago

Would kill everyone in the MK universe w/o a problem not to mention everyone in the DC universe. But Batman looks sick in that video this might be my next fighting game that I buy.

jackdoe3838d ago

Ford, Superman CAN get hurt/killed by magic. EVERY or nearly every MK character CAN use magic. Which means almost every character CAN kill Superman.

thePatriot3838d ago

but then superman would get creamed.

ZeroXMD3837d ago

They would pwn supes so bad it'd make Doomsday say dam. Vegeta vs Superman:

"Oh my god. What is this? A clown in a cape? I'd shoot out the sun but then I wouldn't even have to flinch to kill you! "

*clears throat*

Vegeta wins....Fatality!


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Nagthragarthoth3838d ago

Maybe... Depeonds on what DC caharacter show.