Silicon Knights: PS3 & 360 "equal in power"

Talking with the San Jose Mercury News, Denis Dyack argues "The 360 and the PS3 are equal in power in my eyes." He comments that the "PS3 has more processing power. The 360 has more available memory. It's pretty much a net, net."

Silicon Knights, the Canadian developer behind Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem and Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (both for GameCube), is currently working on Too Human for the Xbox 360--a game that was first unveiled as an original PlayStation game in the late 90s.

On the topic of 1080p resolutions vs. 720p, Dyack said that 1080p and HDMI (which is standard on the PS3) cable interfaces have the edge, but both look quite good. "It is questionable if there is a difference between 1080p and 720p. All of our games are likely to be 720p because of the faster refresh rates. There are all kinds of trade-offs. It takes a lot more RAM to do 1080p. You'll reserve RAM for the textures. 720p is just less pixels. There is definitely a huge difference from 720p and analog."

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zypher4465d ago

hmmm. not enough juicy "PS3 better than 360 better than PS3" garbage in their to fester a flame war between the fanboys. i predict this article will get little attention.

Ravenator5294465d ago

You are correct!

The fanboys will probably read the article but never post a reply due to the fact that it really seems as if this is a very "unbiased" opinion of the two "high-power" machines.

Oh well, if we didn't have fanboys, half of the gaming sites we have today would never exist.

Retard4465d ago

Yeah, this is lame; I what he said off the title topic was more interesting. People want these two consoles to be the same. He's be more right in saying the consoles will break from each other through time(Other then the obvious marketing side).

TheXgamerLive4465d ago

He did say that (MAYBE) the ps3 had more processing power but that the Xbox 360 (DID) have more available memory. Just a thought, kidding, it's no big deal, ........give us the games man, give us the games!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anerythristic264465d ago

This has been said by 90% of developers already. The only people who think there is a measurable difference are the fanboy legions.

Sphinx4465d ago

...he seems to know what he's talking about... 1080p has always been over-hyped... when it comes to TV and movies, great, but it kills videogames' refresh rates!

ScorpioKyle4465d ago

exactly, 1080p doesn't matter to me right now. Since my HDTV only goes up to 1080i

Capt CHAOS4465d ago

I want a good refresh rate..

TheMART4465d ago

We all about knew it. Equal in power BUT

720p is the sweet spot as MS already stated and almost everybody will have a 720p HDTV

Still remains: The 360 is more easy to program on/for. PS3 costs 5 times as much to develop a game on and the users on 360 are on 10 million on the end of this year, PS3 only 500k.

There you go. That's why 360 has and will have the most exclusives and get the exclusives from PS3 more easy.

Retard4465d ago

I guess Xbox will start to get to future generic [email protected]! Woohoo!

Seriously though, that opinion seems logical enough other then the fact in about ~3 years. I am more then willing to bet that Blu-Rays role in gaming will take major effect.

In that time, Blu Ray will be cheaper to make w/ games, and PS3 will be easier to develope for.

So, as an unbais opinion goes; don't you think I'm right maybe even to a slight 1%? Or are you completely stuck with Xbox360 that you see it impossible PS3 to have a future.

I'll have them both consoles either way.

InMyOpinion4465d ago

Where's the support for Blu-ray? All the big movie companies have abandoned it already...I predict it will follow the same path as the minidisc - another revolutionary invention from the people at Sony.

TheMART4465d ago

Retard. That's retarded what you say there.

Full use of BR? Use of what exactly. Space?

Listen. Last gen started just under 2 GB average. After five year it ended between 3 and 4 GB average.

That's 50% to 100% growth in data.

Now this new gen, the games start on SL-DVD. About 4,5 GB average. Make that growing 50% to 100%. Yup. Over 5 years about 7 GB to one DL-DVD.

ANd for the few games that won't fit on one, are able to fit on two DL-DVD's. What's the problem exactly? I had 6 diskettes for Metal Gear Solid Snake II on my MSX-2. Now that was some swapping there, but 2 DL-DVD's for a minority of games, let's say the same with DL-DVD on last gen that was 1% or less...

Well you get the point.

No advantage, but costing 33% more then the competition doing the same in graphics but having better and more exclusives. Easy choice this Christmas with Gears and the coming years!

Retard4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

Seriously; look past an Xbox or PS3 MART. I guess you can't see PS3 making any future for itself. I on the other hand want both consoles to be successful, your bais opinions now lack intelligence bud. I kinda got my point proven w/ this.

Oblivion, It was on PC also; but I'll use this as my prime example. I hated it (Story was neat though) I hated the fact it only had what seemed like 4 voice actors, and lack of depth. THe radiance of the NPCs was lame as well. They would repeat the same exact things.. over and over. They simply ran out of space. (AS THEY SAID, not me.)

So pretty please with sugar on top, explain to me how you'd swap a disc of Oblivion.

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