God of War Banned in the Middle-East

The Sharjah Municipality of the United Arab Emirates is having trouble keeping copies of God of War off the streets. The Sony game was banned for containing language and scenes that go against Islamic beliefs, notably the killing of gods, which I can understand, given the circumstance. Despite the bans, the game is still apparently easy to get hold of.

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Archaeox4974d ago

The game came out years ago, why ban now?

KidMakeshift4974d ago

I guess they have enough "Gods of War" as is

SMK0564973d ago

It banded since the 1st GOW

Winter47th4973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )

It's been banned since the first GOW, the main reason it's been banned is because they don't use age restrictions/guidelines like ESRP in the Middle East, and because kids get fooled easily by a good story that they can't tell the difference between Greek mythology and facts, add to that the nudity and all.

The banned was a word-to-mouth, though, and it's been banned by the Ministry of Interior after much complaints from caring parents were filed, COD4 and Assassin's Creed were also banned for 2 weeks also by word-to-mouth, after much testing both of'em were unbanned by the MI.

rogimusprime4973d ago

banned for the "killing of Gods". Since when do Arabs give a damn about Greek Gods. Yes, I am assuming all Arabs in the UAE follow Islam. The UAE bring in so much money from Oil what the hell do they have to complain about. They can afford to pave the streets with Gold from 4$ a gallon gas.

Anyway, they are missing out on a great game.

Palodios4973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )

Because in the Middle East all the money from oil tycoons trickles down to the poor people living in poverty and substandard housing.

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The Dark Knight4974d ago

cause it contains severed heads.

Im sorry but i cant stand the middle east.

InMyOpinion4974d ago (Edited 4973d ago )

The real middle-east, or the version that they show to you on Fox News? Have you been there?

Gorgon4973d ago

I can't stand the US government either.

brocool4973d ago

The real middle east is a place where racism is tolerated, if not encouraged in society.

Its being built by workers from south asia who earn $150/month if they get paid, and they live in a room with 8 other people. You've got no human rights either, why? they see you as replaceable

Why dont you take a trip to the UAE Jenzo, Im sure the locals wont mind raping you and then putting in jail for committing homosexual acts. Its Sharia Law pal, and if you dont remember Locals > You.

Heres a heads up.. Arabs dont just hate the west, they hate each other. Case in point Palestinians aren't allowed Lebanese passports.. even if they've been living there for a couple of generations.

Piracy thrives in the UAE, people dont just download stuff they have a delivery guy who comes over to their house during the week and sells them the latest games/dvds for around $0.75 each.

Banning God Of War wont make an inch of difference because Ali will be on his bike delivering games again, and guess what hes going to sell 10x more GOW.

I'm bitter, But not ungrateful, The UAE was my home for 15 glorious years, no doubt I enjoyed it, fast cars, hot girls, lots of cash, and everything is new, I truly did loved the place but theres just a cold heart under that polished exterior.

Sorry about going way off topic but I could've gone on for ages, Whenever anything about the UAE comes up .. I just get this way.

Room 641-A 8 5neDDaM4974d ago (Edited 4974d ago )

the violence in the game. ::eyes rolled::

V2oom4974d ago

Whether they are in UAE or USA.

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