New Warhawk Screens

Some more high-res screens of Warhawk. The game features hundreds of enemy ships on-screen at any one time, and will take full advantage of the new tilt function in the PS3 controller.  Check out the new screens below.

Gamer136523d ago

Hope it comes with online play.

achira6523d ago

i think it will have online play. i cant wait for this game.

Scythesean6523d ago

they said it will allow up to 32 players online.

Xtrm L1481L1TY6523d ago (Edited 6523d ago )

Not to offend anyone but let's be realistic here. This does look like a "last gen" graphics engine. Also, did anyone happen to catch the Wii-tarted sensor control demonstration on this game at E3? The guy was up there making an @ss of himself.

JIN KAZAMA6523d ago

To #4, you're simply an idiot. Think of it this way, first Gen games are as comparable if not better than 2nd Gen 360 games. Enough said.

USMChardcharger6523d ago

they haven't released 2nd gen 360 games yet.

anyway, i am sure it looks better in motion. but to say it is equal to graphics like the next splinter cell,rainbow6, bio shock, fear, mass effect...i don't think so.
as you say...enough said.

Xtrm L1481L1TY6523d ago (Edited 6523d ago )

How much time have developers had to polish up their games due to PS3 delays?!?! And I'm the idiot? Furthermore, there was no reason to personally attack "ME" by calling me an "idiot" when we're talking about a game. I'm just being real and giving my view on the topic.

TheMART6523d ago

For sure this Warhawk game is nowhere as good as PGR3, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, FNR3, Kameo, Oblivion or others. It looks like a PS2 game. And we all know graphics on PS2 are even less then the XBOX 1

And furthermore, it has to compete with 2nd generation 360 games this Christmas and with Gears of War, Forza 2 and more up in competition this will be a really screamhawk, the last scream of the PS3 which is no games console but a new PC according to the big Sony chief...

FamoAmo6523d ago

When GOW comes out then you can say 2nd gen and this looks like crap compared to that!

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