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Peter Molyneux angers Godus Kickstarter backers with pay-to-win gems

Peter Molyneux has angered some of the 17,000 backers who pledged money to fund his Godus game because it will include pay-to-win gems when the original crowd funding pitch made no mention of microtransactions.

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Community3932d ago
Muffins12233932d ago

This is why people should not support cell phone gaming

Pandamobile3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

So, people are mad that you can buy in-game currency with real-world money?


Honestly, you're not going to find many non-AAA games these days that don't offer some sort of in-app purchasing options. It's a fantastic business model and is part of the reason we're in the middle of an indie renaissance.

If you don't want pay for extras in a game, don't. But you shouldn't condemn those who do.

Snookies123932d ago

I'm cool with being able to use real money to buy things in a game. If it starts helping you to win over others though because of that? That's where the line should be drawn.

Pandamobile3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

It's especially touchy in a multiplayer game. I'm assuming that these gems can be earned by players without purchasing them with real money, so it comes down to what users want to spend on the game: Time or money.

If it gives paying users an unfair advantage, they need to balance it.

-Foxtrot3932d ago

He's such a fraud, how is he still in this industry

Godmars2903932d ago

Been asking that since the backlash around Fable 3.

SmoothC9113932d ago

This guy seems like such a pompous dickhead; I really don't get why anyone listens to him anymore. I'd be pissed if I funded the Godus kickstarter too!

LostPotato3932d ago

I'm glad I didn't back this project. When it was first announced it sounded like a successor to Populous. It slowly became something else as the project moved forward.

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Legendary Game Maker Peter Molyneux Talks Regrets and What's Next

In his first major interview in over a year, Molyneux opens up about his legacy, his empathy for the 'No Man's Sky' team, and redefining himself.

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Community2634d ago
solideagle2634d ago

great interview...i hope he comes back to console industry

Mystogan2634d ago

Bring him back for Fable 4

Kaneki-Ken2634d ago

Bring him to PlayStation and do a spiritual Successor to Fable. PlayStation will fund the game and give full creative control over the game.

XXanderXX2633d ago

only with the exception where he doesn't over sale and not deliver like he did with Fable 1-3

zuul90182634d ago

Yea he had part in some neat games, (fable, black and white) but i think all im gonna remember him for was his pre-fable 2 interview.

"You dont control the dog, the dog acts on its own." Feel like that was the most proud hes ever been about a feature in his game. "You dont control the dog" kinda funny

UltraNova2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Yeah the time where people got excited about Peter's promises is long long gone. He has to deliver...

badz1492633d ago

Knowing Molyneux, this talk about regrets might be another one of his promises he's not gonna fulfill.

XanderZane2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

I want a new Populus game for the new generation. Played that game to death on the Genesis. It's too bad that Peter's ambitions always seemed to exceed his final product. He always had big dreams though.

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TheColbertinator2634d ago

I miss this crazy fool. Microsoft could use a game developer like Molyneux again.

omegaheat2634d ago

Dude, you really should get a life. No matter what developer comes on board, you'll find some way to make it out as a bad thing. Save some of that surplus of criticism for things that really matter, you know things like Donald Trump.

S2Killinit2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Whaaa. Im just saying they dont show a lot of movement in terms of first party. If we all sit back and dont say nothing, it will continue to be that way.

Trekster_Gamer2634d ago

Yes like Sony could use free backwards compatibility the cheap bastards

ThePresentIsAgift2634d ago

That was hilarious BTW and I owned all Xbox Consoles/

Godmars2902634d ago

No, just need to loosen the reigns - a lot. Realize that not everything needs to be online so as to need a paying sub just to access.

rainslacker2634d ago


Actually, thinking on it, maybe you could name one high profile game designer that works for Microsoft?

Without a google search.

There's a reason that high profile game designers become high's usually because they make some rather iconic, impressive, or innovative games.

+ Show (3) more repliesLast reply 2634d ago
Godmars2902634d ago

MS is literally in the shape they're in because of this guy. Especially regarding Kinect.