Technology Behind Lair Explained

The PLAYSTATION 3 has already been known to support amazing new technologies for next gen gaming and Factor 5 has gone into some depth into what they are being able to provide on the PS3 with their title, Lair.

With the Cell structure of the PS3 and the ability for the processor to run graphics as well as working along side the RSX graphics card, Lair will sport some incredible next gen gaming...

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CompGeek4467d ago

This news is beyond old, as are the technologies in lair.

Arsenic134467d ago

this post beats the one above m!, much better

Arsenic134467d ago

he has no pic u do , he should hv looked first !

beans4467d ago

Im sure the game will be great but the visuals so far really don't impress me and the dragon to dragon bit just looks out of place and boring after awhile!

ASTAROTH4466d ago

when I visited my local gamestop today. Its the second time I see the same employee trying to persuade a consumer to buy a 360, even if the consumer told him that he wanted to wait for the PS3. LOL!! He said that the PS3 was crap and it would lose this time cause 360 was hot, had the best games, graphics, etc. He told the consumer that the PS3 was losing ALL his exclusives: OMG he mention MGS4 as coming to the 360. Then the consumer ask him the realease date on the 360...LOL!!. The employee told the consumer that he doesnt have this info on the computer, but assures and bet his work it would come to 360. LOL!!!. I could care less if it comes rigth now its only a rumor. I have a 360 and Im not into stealty games, even if I had the other 3 MGS games. I lose my interest. But its funny how the guy also mention games as Resistance and Motorstorm also coming to 360. LOL!!! This guy was a fanatic. If I were his boss I fired him, cause he IS damaging gamestop business with his fanatism. Anyway, he also said he feared the Wii would detrone the all mighty 360. LOL!! Personally I like to see fresh content on the 360, not PS3 ports. The same way for the PS3. So the only thing I said is: Of what are you afraid Microsoft that want everything on the 360?? In the position you are rigth now we dont need MGS4 on the 360. I dislike this kind of "NES" monopoly over its 3rd parties. Have fun gamers, and dont be fanatics.
"The optimist believes the PS3 its as good as promised, The pessimits fears it is". We gamers will have fun with them all HAHAHA!!!

Marriot VP4466d ago (Edited 4466d ago )

does anybody even read this guy's posts

his posts look like he just took a hit of meth.

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The story is too old to be commented.