Grand Theft Auto Movie Not Likely Anytime Soon

Rockstar may never consider turning Grand Theft Auto into a movie as not to risk one of the company's "crown jewels."

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GarrusVakarian1862d ago

Agreed, i would much rather have a HBO-type series with the 3 main characters of GTA5.

minimur121862d ago

just get someone to play GTA V and you watch it and then BOOM GTA V film :) haha

Blacktric1862d ago

We already have great movies like Heat. Mouthbreathing hollywood execs would ruin the transition anyway.

Nizulo1862d ago

Agreed! Video game movies haven't really turned out so well in the past -- I'm looking at you Tekken and DOA -- And as if you can capture the ridiculously enormous experience that is GTA (the video games) and funnel that into a movie... just don't see the need for it. Even if there was, it probably wouldn't be possible.

linkenski1862d ago

Why the hell would you want a GTA movie anyway? GTA is like the collaboration of several gang-city/comedy/action vibe movies out there. It's a playground of different movie settings.

mrgunfingers1862d ago

they made a GTA movie already its called Drive.

FogLight1862d ago

Good move Rockstar. I don't even know how would they make a Grand Theft Auto movie O_o

As A TV show then maybe but I don't think so either.

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