Rockstar Games Is Selling Pirated Copies Of Their Games On Steam

Rockstar Games is causing waves in the gaming community once again.

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lelo2play224d ago

It's not like the pirates are going to sue Rockstar for using a crack on their own games.

Bobertt224d ago

Lmao the people who pirated it can play the game because they removed the DRM but those who bought the game can't because the DRM in the game detects the pirated files Rockstar left in.

1nsomniac223d ago

Again, another showing of how utterly incompetent Rockstar have become!!

They’ve quickly become the cancer of the industry.


Just torrent their games, there simple. I gave up supporting them years ago going back to before GTA III.


Microsoft has ‘let Blizzard be Blizzard’ following its acquisition, studio says

Microsoft has 'let Blizzard be Blizzard' following the acquisition of the veteran developer according to World of Warcraft's executive producer.

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Kaii18h ago

Diablo 4 storefront being a cash grabbing shitshow does unironically attest to that, kudos.

XiNatsuDragnel15h ago(Edited 15h ago)

Okay i will be interested if they become old Blizzard but might as well be dead.

Rynxie1h ago

They will never be old blizzard. Most of all the OG's left from developers to those on the top (even some decision making folks left).

Vits15h ago

Shame most of the people that made Blizzard what they were, have already left a while ago.

ApocalypseShadow15h ago

I was about to say this. How can they be blizzard when they're no longer blizzard from yesteryear?

blacktiger6h ago

Rare was the thing I lost heart

victorMaje3h ago

Exactly. Blizzard hasn’t been Blizzard for a long time.
Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Knightofelemia12h ago

Blizzard is not the same Blizzard like it use to be.

PassNextquestion6h ago

Were you expecting Microsoft to hire everyone that had left Blizzard long before they purchased the company...

Microsoft has let the Blizzard company they purchased continue to be the Blizzard company they purchased.

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Ubisoft's Recent Antics Have Me Fearful For The Sands of Time Remake

Hanzala from eXputer: "With Ubisoft's practices becoming increasingly anti-consumer lately, the destruction of The Sands of Time Remake looks almost inevitable."

thorstein21h ago(Edited 21h ago)

Hey Ubi, here's a gun, don't shoot yourself in the foot.

*Ubi takes gun, aims at foot, empties clip*

Chocoburger10h ago

At this point, only dummies have any hope left for Ubi-junk games.


GTA 6 Publisher Take-Two to Layoff 5% of its Workforce and Cancel Games

Take-Two Interactive has announced that it will lay off 5% of its workforce and cancel some of its games in an effort to increase profits.

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Knightofelemia1d 10h ago

I am curious as to what games got canned.

DarXyde1d 4h ago

Probably GTAV: Enhanced for PS5 Pro 🙂