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Elder Geek: "If you’re a mom or dad out there looking for something safe for your kids to play, Rayman is a good bet. But it’s not just for kids. This is a full blown hardcore platformer as well. On console, we wish we could remap the controls a bit, and we really want some online coop. Without a doubt, this is easily one of the best platformers of the year and we would be shocked if it didn’t earn some game of the year nominations."

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WickedLester2264d ago

Great game, no way in hell is it worth paying 59.99 for though! This is at MOST a 39.99 game!

OMNlPOTENT2263d ago

This is easily worth $60.

TheDarpaChief2264d ago

This is INDEED a AAA 60 dollar title. Havent had such a joyful time playing this since crash bandicoot. And its pretty damn difficult too! For all spectrums of gamers!

Williamson2264d ago

Hopefully my vita version gets delivered tomorrow, also some clarification on the missing 28 games.

Pixel_Enemy2263d ago

I am loving it on vita so far. Rayman Origins was an amazing vita title.