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Gaming's video review of the new 2DS system

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1876d ago
AzureskyZ1876d ago

8 out of 10? the 3ds or xl is 8 or 9 out of 10 not this piece of garbage. This is more inline with the virtual boy, a solid 1 out of 10 and should have stayed as a failed prototype. If they wanted to make a more affordable version thats fine but not like this.

SpiralTear1876d ago

Pardon my curiosity, but what is the big problem you see with the 2DS that you would consider it a failure on the level of the Virtual Boy? The Virtual Boy was a failure because it didn't have any good games (even from Nintendo) and because the hardware was just bad.

Last time I checked, the 2DS has almost all of the specs and features as the 3DS. How would you make it affordable? What would you remove to make it less expensive?

Seriously, I want to know.

AzureskyZ1876d ago

The design is awful and the fact that they are changing from stereo to mono-- couldnt they at least keep all the features intact minus 3d-- people will argue that the tablet form will make it safer for kids-- but the 3ds has never gave any concerns of its ruggedness -- price is good and the accessibility is good but very poor enclosure and decision. If they want to make a tablet, make a tablet and not some half assed garbage-- as far as the cost-- the production of 3ds was around 120-130 around the time of launch-- for those who dont know, yes nintendo dont market there stuff below there rd cost, its one of the few reasons why nintendo is able to survive multiple product failures and come out the other end unfazed.. assuming the trend of lower cost per part -- the production for a 3ds should easily be around 80-90 bucks if it isnt lower than that. It begs to question why put cost into developing a cheaper device when they already have one below the estimate.

TongkatAli1876d ago

Looks awesome. It's more sleek then the 3DS to me.