Special edition Minecraft Nintendo 2DS XL features gigantic Creeper face

It's great to see Microsoft and Nintendo working with each other on this level. Hopefully we'll see even greater collaboration in the future.

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Kribwalker108d ago

pretty cool 2ds. A real love affair going on right now with nintendo and MS. I wonder if they’ll keep making collaborations

Team_Litt107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Honestly I'd love if Wii exclusives were ported to Xbox One, not even Wii U, Wii.

Sgt_Slaughter107d ago

There's realistic expectations, and then there's this comment.

Just because two companies start to work together, does not mean one will start to port their first-party games onto it. Minecraft was already on Nintendo platforms when Microsoft bought it so that's an exception, and older games Rare has a say in the licensing.

TheUndertaker85107d ago

@Sgt_Slaughter: No it was not.

Minecraft got released for its first Nintendo platform, the Wii U, December 17th, 2015. The Switch version followed in May of 2017 followed by the 3DS version which launched September 17th, 2017.

Microsoft completed the deal to buy the Minecraft IP November 6th, 2014.

Team_Litt107d ago

And what about Viva Piñata on the DS?

Sgt_Slaughter107d ago

Okay, I was a bit off yes, but it appeared on many other systems before the buyout so everyone expected it to continue releasing on non-Microsoft platforms afterward.

Monster_Tard107d ago

There's also Minecraft Story Mode which came out well after Microsoft acquired the IP, Microsoft spent 2.5 billion on the IP, it would be stupid of them not to try and recoup some of that money by putting Minecraft on other platforms.

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Toiletsteak107d ago

It would be cool if this led to some of Microsoft's characters ending up in Smash, like Banjo.

3-4-5107d ago

Really hope this leads to Banjo-Kazooie, Master Chief, or Joanna Dark ending up in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Pancit_Canton107d ago

I think Microsoft should just buy Nintendo. 😂

Sgt_Slaughter107d ago

Nintendo buying Xbox once Microsoft is done with it is a more likely thing to happen. Nintendo is only going up, Xbox stalled out.

Razmiran107d ago

Someone REALLY wants kinect 2

Madmoose107d ago

Nah, makes much more sense for them to buy sony given how similar their machines have been all this time.-While Nintendo usually does their own thing & brings something wholly different & unique to the industry with their devices. We already have 2 companies being pretty much carbon copies of themselves. We don't need that being the ONLY two options.😆😉

gangsta_red107d ago

Lol! It's funny watching these guys loose their minds because MS and Nintendo are working together with ONE game.

Imagine if it were two? They're heads would explode Scanners style.