Why the 3DS is still valid in a world with Nintendo Switch

The Switch has captivated Nintendo fans across the world. But some of these fans might be too quick to write off the Nintendo 3DS right now.

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Fist4achin1048d ago

You're damn right is it still valid! I'm looking forward to their titles coming out this year for it. Not dead yet!

n1kki61048d ago

The biggest reason, its still getting unique experiences and exclusives instead of port after port.

Gemmol1047d ago

Lol say whatever you want Nintendo just release a port for it, no matter what its dying and Nintendo don't support it like that no more

If you want to play old games on it that's on you but that system aint getting much new games no more

Thanks Nintendo for killing it slowly

bluefox7551048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

3DS is still way better IMO, the software library on Switch isn't even close to that of 3DS yet. Switch is currently just a bunch of last gen and indie ports, with a few heavily downgraded modern games sprinkled in.

Gemmol1047d ago

You comparing switch first two years vs 3ds first two years or you one of those who compare a system first two years vs 5 to 6 years of another company

EddieNX 1047d ago

Switch is much better than 3DS. I've already played all the good 3DS games ages ago.

Uglyday1047d ago

Goes in my pocket without getting the screen messed up and has a huge library of games.

I have great games for both my Switch and Vita but on the go I’m just too rough on things.