Bloody Tearful: An ode to DS-era Castlevania Games

Castlevania’s twilight years were some of its best, but they were not enough to avert the dramatic end of the series as we knew and loved it.

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RiseNShine105d ago

Someone should fire to the lowest pit the guy on Konami that thought mobile gaming was the future and destroyed MGS, Castlevania and other franchises in the way.

edureboucas100d ago

I think that might have been a group decision, but lol!


Wii U & 3DS eShop are gone. What now? - Opinion Piece

Dan Rizzo says "So this is where we’re at with Nintendo and their continuous colloquy of tedious arguments against emulation. It’s funny how a company that’s so against open-source emulation, uses it to sell commercial products such as the NES and SNES Classic Mini, but release a minimal quantity to drum-up all the hype behind it, only to leave a majority of its fanbase disappointed when struggling to acquire the now collector’s piece."

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walken7161d ago

Jailbreak. It was pretty easy on the 3ds, there are good guides out there.

CrimsonWing69160d ago

someone made a good point that older music, movies, and books are far more easier to get access to than games. I think the industry needs to make a change. It's crazy that so much is gone now and I'm willing to pay for the games, but there's literally no way to get them now.

fan_of_gaming160d ago

I can't speak to music as I don't collect it, and books are still quite accessible through paperbacks & hardcover releases. But movies & tv shows are starting to have a problem with accessibility now, with all these streaming-exclusives. Before everything would get a DVD or Blu-ray release, but now if content is pulled from a streamer, like happened with some HBO Max stuff recently, there's often no physical disc option or even a digital download through a service like iTunes. They're just lost media, same as delisted digital-only games.

fan_of_gaming160d ago

play all of the games I got before they closed

PhillyDillyDee160d ago

Yar me thinks me knows an answer yarr


The Best PlayStation 4 Vampire Games Worth A Playthrough

Behind their innocent white pale face lies a bloodthirsty monster. Here are the best vampire games on the PS4.

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HeliosHex312d ago

Code vein is a sexy soulslike game. Very well done. Wish it had dlc though.


Why Isn't Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on Nintendo Switch?

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is perhaps the franchise's best game, but it's not available on any Nintendo consoles, including the Switch.

PhillyDillyDee373d ago

I literally just searched for it on the store yesterday hoping to find it… seems like an easy win.

shinoff2183373d ago

Why isnt grandia remasters on ps4? Thats the real question. We got snubbed and it had all the grandia games on ps

gold_drake373d ago

exactly, i need my child on my ps5

Knightofelemia373d ago

If it isn't a pachinko machine Konami just doesn't care enough for the gaming world.