Opinion: Why the PS4 controller is better than the Xbox One controller

Nick Bristow of ThriftyNerd says, "If you just used one or the other, you will be completely satisfied, but when you pick up the Xbox One controller, quickly followed by the Dual Shock 4, it's immediately noticeable how good the DS4 feels in your hands. The DS4 has finally given up its baggage of past controller design and moved on to something spectacular. And that's really my point here, it's not that Microsoft has screwed up, it's that Sony has created something awesome. These two controllers are very different and I will need to spend a lot more time with them to see if my opinion changes, but at the moment, I’m giving it to Sony."

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user74029311925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

1. touchpad

2. speakers

3. better analog sticks.( they dont slip like xbox ones )

4. the dualshock 4 analog sticks are placed right and left for human beings.

5. better triggers

6. better cosmetic look.

7. no aa batteries

8. move compatibility

9. grip on bottom

10. recharges while your away.

xJumpManx1925d ago

Why the 360 pad is better.

1.No sstupid Touchapd, anyone with a Vita knows its lame and a stupid novelty.

2. Xbox has better analog sticks

3. Xbox has better placement of analog sticks.

4.Xbox has better triggers.

5. Better rumble effect due to more motors in xbox controller.

6.More options for power be it batteries or chargable packs.

The Xbox pad was considered the best of the controllers the Xbox one enhanced it even further.

user74029311925d ago

''No sstupid Touchapd,''


xJumpManx1925d ago

@Dirtpimp, The touchscreen on the controller is just lame, you should not have to pick your hand off the analog pads. If you have a Vita you wold see just how lame and a novelty the touchscreen is.

HammadTheBeast1925d ago


You just completely destroyed your whole argument.

My_Outer_Heaven1925d ago

Move on man 360 pad was good for its time but now the Dual Shock 4 and Xbox One pad has come and so far Dual Shock 4 is kicking ass in reviews.

MatriXcian1925d ago

How do any of you fanboys know the touchpad is lame? If its accurate and utilizrd correctly the touchpad alone has the potential to revolutionalize gaming on consoles. Just look how it works on laptops to know what im talking about. Spouting bs about the touchpad before it is even released is fanboyism at its finest.

yellowgerbil1925d ago

sstuttering Stanley stuttering Stanley

Blastoise1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )


I actually lol'd XD

On topic: I think the PS4 controller looks better, but I need to hold it in my hands to make sure.

They're only controllers at the end of the day, I'm just glad they didn't go down the Nintendo route and give you some weird controller then have you buy the "Pro" controllers separately

MizTv1925d ago

Yeah with that great d pad......

TKCMuzzer1925d ago

"6.More options for power be it batteries or chargable packs. "

WTF, more options for power? Why would you want more options for power? Wired for charging and wireless when charged.

More options for power means more money wasted on something that should be included. Justifying wasting more money on something you already have bought and should have batteries as standard is ridiculous.

HeroReborn1925d ago

I would agree about most points, Xbox controller has been far superior for some time over the PS brand. As for the next gen it looks as if Sony has made some good changes as far as the feel of the controller goes. Still is a bit disappointing that they choose to keep thumb sticks on the same axis instead of doing more like the Xbox having them separated

walkincarpet1925d ago

the 360 controller was the king and like you said MS improved it and finally fixed the dpad. While Sony retained the stick position flaw and added a lame touch screen. Another easy win for X1 as far as controllers go. I do like PS controller for rpgs and less action oriented games though.

ThanatosDMC1925d ago

"More options for power be it batteries or chargable packs."


Cable2kx1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

I actually got my hands on both at the GameStop Expo and have to say the Dual Shock 4 is better then the new Xbox controller. The DS4 just felt great in the hand, the concave thumb stick grips the thumbs like glue. The Xbox one controller feels smaller kindalike the original Xbox one S controller. I didn't get to feel the rumble cause I was playing ghost on the PC with x1 controller attached . The overall feel of the controller felt the same as the 360 but just smaller.


FamilyGuy1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Wow you're argument sounds ridiculous.

Touch pad = new gaming dynamic and additional buttons.
Symmetrical thumb sticks = human hands
More power options? LMMFAO Not only are you giving positive credit to a negative aspect of the X1 controller, you're also being a HUGE hypocrite!
The touch pad = "more options" and you made it out to be a negative all in the same post.

Anyway, the writer of this article basically said the X1 controller is inferior to the 360 controller comfort wise in a couple of ways. He also had a hands on impression of both back-to-back to award DS4 the winner. On top of that we've been hearing about all the PC devs at these gaming showcases preferring to show off their games with the DS4 controller.

It all adds up to the DS4 being better.
This does not mean the X1 controller is bad, it's just not the best. People are raving over the responsiveness and feel of the DS4, why is it a problem?

GravelerMagnitude91924d ago

"more options for powering the controller" .

Is that what you call it or is microsoft trying to sap all money from you with a play and charge.

Is that how you justify AA batteries, more options?

Come on Chief

xtremeimport1924d ago

@xJumpManx ever heard the term "if its not broken, dont fix it"

Just because its "enhanced" certain features does not make it automatically better.

And your number 6 has always made me laugh. Xbox fans, why can't you just admit the the removable of AA batteries is something you would welcome? It is extremely annoying having to constantly replace batteries, or remove them to recharge or buy a play-n-charge kit.

Imagine it came with a play-n-charge? You can't tell me that would've be a welcome addition.

loopygames1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Battlefield 4 dev responsible for the game's aiming system prefers the Dualshock 4 controller over the Xbox One controller in "every aspect".


LordDhampire1924d ago

Ill give you triggers my

and lol at more options, that looking at the glass half full I guess good on you Ill give you a +1

JackOfAllBlades1924d ago

Why is the analog stick placement on the DS4 a flaw? And I mean look at it:

They had might as well of used this:

palaeomerus1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

" It is extremely annoying having to constantly replace batteries, or remove them to recharge or buy a play-n-charge kit. "

You don't have to "constantly swap batteries" any more than you have to constantly put a USB cord into your DS controller and keep it there until your controller has charged its internal non-swappable battery. It's a ridiculous argument not founded in reality.

I never bought a PLAY N' Charge. I bought 4 Sanyo Eneloops and a charger ($15 at the time, $20 now unless you find them on sale) and when the controller needs fresh batteries I get the other pair off the charger and put them in, put the empty pair in the charger, and I'm ready to go with no cord attached for 15-40 minutes. Before that I spent $8 on a huge pack of AA's at SAMS and they lasted me over a year. The PS3 with it's 'plug in the cord' solution is an annoyance especially with other controller like the move and navigator controllers and the like.

I have to move closer to the TV (and my console) to do it. It sucks. I often charge them on my PC and keep an extra controller charged WHICH IS BY YOUR DEFINITION A WASTE OF MONEY to have to do. You think a second controller was cheaper than a big pack of batteries or some decent rechargeables and a charger would have been? LOL! Not to mention the USB cord that comes with the PS3 is pretty short. But just buy a longer cord right? Great!

And guess what? I still have those eneloops and will when the next consoles arrive so I won't be spending any more than I already have for more flexibility than you get with USB charging of internal batteries. And if those internal batteries stop holding a charge then I have to order a new one and install it myself taking the controller apart or buy a new controller. In my eneloops stop holding charge then I'll get some rather cheap replacements and not have to take anything apart.

There is no real advantage to internal batteries at all. They do nothing to help the consumer and are a nuisance when you have to pop a cord in or replace them as they fail. It's a dumb idea and people who think it is "advanced" (I can even get lithium ion AA's if I want them) are either ignorant or deluded.

I wish the DS4 had a compartment to swap out the battery whatever kind it is. (Like Samsung products typically have instead of Apple products.) It is just being considerate to the user who needs to swap batteries for whatever reason.

Cam9771924d ago

They're all opinionated. The Xbone pad had been reported to cause extreme discomfort and leave imprints on your thumbs.

Oh and "more options"?
Shut up! I'd rather an easily rechargeable default pack than batteries. That's such a fanboy thing.

shysun1924d ago

@JumpManx "The Xbox pad was considered the best of the controllers"?! Says who??you?? Are you crazy?!

The Touch pad on the 360 is the worst ever! Have you ever tried use that POS in a fighting game? Hell, it doesn't even work to type!

boing11924d ago

It isn't the best anymore. DS4 feels amazing in hands.

blakstarz1924d ago

"The touchscreen on the controller is just lame, you should not have to pick your hand off the analog pads."

It's still hasn't been completely revealed exactly how the touch pad will come into play with games.

GentlemenRUs1924d ago

Nothing wrong with the Touchpad, Just need to have the hands for it ;)

Also, No one cares if you like the XBONE controller and hate the PS4 controller, Opinions are opinions but you don't need to make a mountain out of a molehill just to argue right?

BTW, Simply Jack!

AJ Hartley1924d ago


Never go full retard !

LoneWolf0191924d ago

Why are you bringing up 360? Xbox 1 controller is not the 360. Its worse.

pixelsword1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

The stick placement was good for the 360's controller, but with a bigger controller, I think all I was wanting was a bigger controller; if the PS4 has a bigger controller, I think I'll like the PS4 controller over the Xbone's controller.

I don't think having batteries as an option is a good option or else you'd see people asking for it instead of laughing at it.

"The touchscreen on the controller is just lame, you should not have to pick your hand off the analog pads."

Buuuut kinect.....



(pun intended)

Mounce1924d ago

@xJumpManx - Upset Xbox Fanboy alert!

Xbox One ENHANCED IT FURTHER? I'm sorry, outside of cosmetic Analog-stick changes, what exactly is better about X1's controller in comparison to 360 even?....

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isarai1925d ago

Numbers 3, 4, 5, and 6 are more personal taste honestlly.


You're grasping at straws man. Touchpads a "sstupid novelty"? i guess that's why 99% of cell phones, and 100% of tablets and laptops are controlled by this "sstupid novelty" and again most of what you posted is purely personal taste. Honestly don't see how AA battery standard is a pro, i guess it would be a pro if every laptop and smartphone ran off AA's standard aswell than too right? Also not sure if you heard but the Dualshock 4 also has greatly improved rumble, they just aren't making a big deal about it.

xJumpManx1925d ago

Isari so you think a Video touchscreen is the same as a touchpad your nuts. Also I do prefer AA batteries I never have to worry about recharging my controller I take 1 minute and change the batteries. I rarely ever plug a controller into my console its called wireless for a reason. I am looking forward to trying the DS4 but it has a lot more to prove than the xbox one in this dept its generally accepted that the 360 pad is superior to the DS3. Look at other console controllers they 90% of the time copy the 360 style.

edgeofsins1924d ago


Yes, these mythical "other console controllers" copied the the "360 style" that is a far more direct copy of the Dreamcast controller. It's "generally" accepted in what group you are talking about. I see far more people here that like the DS3 more.

The only thing you have is an opinion on the controller comfort. Which, by the way, I am not talking about the thumbsticks, that is not ergonomic at all or what enhances gameplay and makes it "professional".

That's cool, while you went to the store to stock up on batteries or get a play and charge kit I had a controller recharge for free. The only reason you go on about the "convenience" is because it is one of the few little excuses you have to hold on to. You can like it more, but quit debating it. The DS3 is technically more advanced, designed to be better suited for more sizes and hand shapes, and the dpad is actually good. Most people thinking that it feels uncomfortable just grip the controller way to tight and claw their fingers around it like they are strangling it. I have big hands and never has the controller felt too small.

Benchm4rk1924d ago


"I see far more people here that like the ds3 more"

You don't say. More people on n4g prefer a Sony controller over the 360 one. Why should we be surprised. I think you should take a look at the MLG pro controller. Looks awfully familiar to the 360 controller. I wonder why that would be. Maybe because outside of this website is a big wide world where not everybody is a Sony fanboy

Petro1924d ago

@Benchm4rk Surprise, take a look at the PS3 variant. There are waaaaaaaaaaay more copies of PlayStation controllers than there are of Xbox controllers. ;)

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GusBricker1925d ago

Speakers? Really?

If there anything like the Wii's, f*ck that.

JackOfAllBlades1924d ago

Don't be an ignorant prick, I mean come on, can the Xbox One controller output in game audio from the controller? The Dualshock 4 can. And you just wish you had speakers and cool features and all you get is a "day one" sticker, oh yay!! I love me some stickers for the more expensive and inferior console!! "But..BBut.. it is worth 100 more... Microsoft said so.. And Mmicrosoft never lies.." Yeah enjoy your 100 dollar sticker and inferior console, good day sir

laijka1924d ago

Overreact much?

He didn't even mention the X1 controller or MS.
All he said that if the speakers are of the same quality(or lack thereof) as the Wii speakers then "fuck that".

If anything your reaction reeks of inferiority complex. What is it you fear so much about the X1 and its controller that you feel the need to rage over it in reply of a comment that doesn't even mention it?

mcstorm1924d ago

Lol Wow so its now my controller is better than yours this week. The controller that is best for me is the one that fits my hands the best. Last gen it was the 360 because I have big hands and the DS3 gives me cramp after using it for an hour or so. That said I really could not care less the controller is no the reason why I am getting a Xbox one and PS4 and was not the reason I got a Wiiu. The reason for me getting them is they all have games I want.

showtimefolks1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

everyone who i know who have played around with ps4 controllers say they loved it

bigger over controller
more comfortable grip
better analog sticks
the triggers for racing/shooters

i want to try to the speakers

i think being able to charge your controller while you are away is also a nice touch

I am just glad that sony kept the basic of dual shock the same


better placement of analog sticks really? that's personal likability to me but i guess to each their own

Xsilver1925d ago

DS4 the analog placement is the best because its good for shooters and it puts the D pad insync so its also good for fighters

ABeastNamedTariq1924d ago


That second part is why I don't like to play fighters on Xbox. I like having the d-pad and face buttons on the same level. It feels better to me. Not even with the improved d-pad will I buy a fighter on XB1. It feels way too uncomfortable for me. But that's just my ol' preference.

Xsilver1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

its like people forget about other genres.

JackOfAllBlades1924d ago

@Tariq And because the Xbox 360 D-Pad was so jank, I mean it was so clunky, was just a big piece of plastic while the PS3's had separate buttons. The Xbox One controller is probably a little better about that but I think the DS4 will still be superior.

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stage881925d ago


Nailed it. Can't wait to try out the DS4 perfection.

YNWA961925d ago

Dualshock 4 might even get close to 360 controller I heard....

Angeljuice1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

I can show you 6 or 7 articles stating that the DS4 is better than X1 controller, can't find a single one stating the opposite.

Both are apparently better than the 360 controller, so don't worry too much, you'll still be getting a good controller (nothing wrong with playing second fiddle).

Even die-hard Xbox fans say DS4 is better (the ones who have actually used one that is).

Just drop it, you're fighting a losing battle, except defeat with grace and charm, rather than a hissy denial.

keyz15791925d ago

I have noticed that on here there are way more Sony fans than Microsoft so no matter what they do weather its a positive change a game packed anything you guys will criticize it and tear it apart

Angeljuice1924d ago

Well you tend to get "way more fans" of a superior product. That's how the world works.

AJ Hartley1924d ago

Yeh like he said fan boys or not superiority generally gets the votes I mean all the bad media on xbone who would want to get one , so they can shaft you again?

Belking1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

1. touchpad ( not innovative Nintendo already has it)

2. speakers ( not innovative Nintendo already has it)

3. better analog sticks.( they dont slip like xbox ones ) ( really now)

4. the dualshock 4 analog sticks are placed right and left for human beings. ( Bs, they a re placed there because they are stuck with that design they have nowhere else to move them)

5. better triggers ( bs, they copied off Xbox..... Xbox has rumble triggers they don't)
6. better cosmetic look. ( not even close)

7. no aa batteries ( because they know touch pad would eat up battery life... They had no choice)

8. move compatibility ( yep, no innovation..)

9. grip on bottom ( no big deal)

10. recharges while your away.( welcome to the. 1990s)

All they did was add touchpad, speakers and copied triggers. It's basically the same old ds3.

GravelerMagnitude91924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Nothing but your opinion.

7. So you say sony will go from having a rechargable battery on ps3 to AA on ps4

You say no innovation, wow

so adding extra input for controls, controller grip lengthening, improved analog and more doesn't help. ok

I guess xbox one has tons of innovative features like AA batteries

belking you are quite a person

NeXXXuS1924d ago

I doubt the speaker on the control will be for silly sound effects like the wii remote was.

BoriboyShoGUN1924d ago

Typical post from Belking!!! Why do people have to be mindless fanboys. These guys act like if you agree that the competition is doing something good your going to burst into flames!! Everyone that has felt or used the DS4 saids its awesome!!
1. Touchpad - its Sony they'll do something cool with it
2. D Pad- Sony has had the best Dpad since PS 1!
3. AA Batteries- Really XBOX guys come on give this one up! (youre drunk)
4. Analog sticks- We shall see never minded the old 360 or DS3 analogs. But the DS4's do look like they'll be good.
I could go on for days but its pointless anywayz.

ABeastNamedTariq1924d ago

Grip on the bottom is a huge deal for me. If it makes the controller easier and more comfortable to hold, I'm all for it. It's reducing slipperiness, how is that not a big deal? Oh yeah, you're you, that's why, lol.

LiinoMajire1924d ago

This XBOT with down syndrome just never gives up does it? LOL.

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3-4-51924d ago


PS3's sticks are floaty and HORRIBLE for sports games and FPS games.

At least 360's snapped back to center.

PS1 originally had a good controller.

They ruined it, and now are finally making it really good again.

Hicken1924d ago

... using a DS3 right now, and there's NO float involved. What's more, there's far less dead zone than in the 360 sticks. Which makes them better for more precise motions, like you'd need in FPS and sports games.

And lookathat! The DS3's analog sticks go right back to center when I release em!

moparful991924d ago

Horrible for FPS'? Hmm then how is it that my KDR is far better in my PS3 version of my call of duty games than in the 360 version? I'm sorry but I love the DS3 especially for shooters but when I want to play something that isn't a shooter my DS3 walks alllll over the 360 pad..

NeXXXuS1924d ago

Sorry, I had to.

ajax171924d ago

You're goddamn right!

SpecialSauce1924d ago

Xbox One controller still doesn't have any motion features.. or a proper name, "xbox one controller"

Sony's creation allows for SO many more possibilities of controls: buttons with motion with touchpad

THAT controller deserves a name.

palaeomerus1924d ago

Motion control on Sixaxis and DS3 was a rarely used joke though. Shake off the zombies. Guide the batarang. Yay. I'd never miss it. I don't know about the touch-pad. It seems dumb but might be good for a diablo-style inventory or something.

I have an 0pen mind about it. And the shape of the DS4 looks a lot more comfortable in the hand that the DS3 was. I have preordered both so we'll see.

SpecialSauce1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )


rag doll kung fu made excellent use of it, in fact it was essential to the game and made it great. if that happens even with one or 2 or 3 games; its worth it especially if they're real hit games. i think the fact that the touchpad is physical/sitting there glaring at devs they might pay more attention to it and find ways of implementing it so that it enhances the experience and doesn't just serve as a new method of doing something which more conventional means could have accomplished just as uneventfully

moparful991924d ago

Using the Sixaxis control in Warhawk proved it was a great feature that was poorly implemented by most devs.. I absolutely loved playing warhawk with sixaxis and wish more games would take advantage of it..

Bathyj1924d ago

the dualshock 4 analog sticks are placed right and left for human beings.