PlayStation 4 will have a pack with games and accessories for 499 euros

A pack of PlayStation 4 had not been officially announced and is available to book on several networks such as Fnac France and Amazon.

This pack includes the console, two Dualshock 4 Killzone: Shadow Fall and the new camera for 499 euros. Currently you can find on Amazon , while Tesco has already removed the tab.

The price of the console in its basic version, which goes on sale in Europe on November 29, is 399 euros.

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nick3091933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Before ill say this im gonna say that im getting x1 and ps4, but the ps4 eu bundle is way more worth than the x1 bundle for the exact same price. All you get there is fifa/cod ghosts and a kinect...

xHeavYx1933d ago

I think that either Sony will bring up one of these bundles to NA, or they are doing way better than expected in pre-orders

sengoku1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

i need to get my hands on this one for sure.
hopefully my local store will receive this pack with awesome value.

ZodTheRipper1933d ago

Damn I need to cancel my preorder if this turns out to be true ...and get this instead! :D

loopygames1933d ago

1) Wait for Microsoft to announce X1 launch date.
2) Announce PS4 First Edition Bundle similar to PS Vita Launch with 1 week early release.
3) PS4 500GB, PS Camera, 2 Dualshock 4 controllers, Killzone Shadowfall
4) All for $499.99 in the USA.

^Just imagine all of that is pre-planned and falling into place for Sony.

Ju1932d ago

I want that bundle...can I have that please? ;)

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thrust1933d ago

It is a good deal,I just wish Sony had Xbox live and the 300000 dedicated servers.

user74029311933d ago

why because you like paywalls or something?

grassyknoll1933d ago

Microsoft didn't know if those servers were virtual or not.

xHeavYx1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Wait, what!? I don't even...

Ripsta7th1933d ago

So all you people wouldnt want sony to have dedicated servers like MS? I mean if i was getting a Ps4 i dnt see why not?

abzdine1933d ago

you clearly don't know what PS+ is!! glad i dont have to pay for everything with Sony

pyramidshead1933d ago

quite a good troll actually lol 7/10

BlaqMagiq241933d ago

No thanks don't like paying for features that should already be free on Xbox Live.

sickamore1933d ago

Look stop with the 300K servers this is possible for any company including Sony to have what you fail to understand is those servers are Virtual not physical server. I'm sure Sony have enough servers to support there PSN and if they need more its as simple as creating another VM server.

strigoi8141933d ago

Does the 300,000 servers MS have make you look manly enough? Doubt it



"So all you people wouldnt want sony to have dedicated servers like MS?"

What makes you think PS4 games won't have dedicated servers? Even when Sony weren't charging to play online and didn't had their own cloud too this wasn't an issue... Plenty of games on PS3 used dedicated servers this whole generation (including ALL of Sony games as far as I know). Also this happened while the much better paid services (sic) offered by MS used P2P all along. Funny how NOW it matters, huh?

Sure, maybe one dev or another may go with dedicated servers only on MS as the system's already there (like respawn and their endless praise for the clouds that end up only being the servers Activision never had the decency of paying for despite selling loads of COD), but it may cost 'em more to design P2P matchmaking on another version than actually paying for some servers (they don't need 300,000 for a single game you know) so it's not like poor publishers will have no choice but release inferion multiplayer on PS4... In fact, chances are we'll see as much dedicated servers as you guys do.

ravinash1932d ago

What makes you think Sony does not have dedicated servers. Other games on both 360 & PS3 had dedicated servers so this is nothing new.
Don't get sucked into the whole cloud business, it's just a buzz word for a service they already do.

Plus I'd rather have PSN+ because of all the games I get out of it.
What does Live have, party chat?

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Ripsta7th1933d ago

But fifa and cod move consoles, id say its a good bundle if you like CoD and fifa

Kingnichendrix1933d ago

or you could buy the game separate and still have spent the same amount

xHeavYx1933d ago

You actually get some change buying a PS4 and FIFA, you can use that to get PS+ or a few indies

sparta761933d ago

You can get cod or FIFA with the ps4 cheaper 😉

sonarus1933d ago

How is it way better? Fifa hasn't always been a great game but last generation they made great strides and have essentially blasted pro evo/winning 11 out of the park. Assuming fifa continues this trend it should be a great game. Fifa is consistently one of the top games as far as sales every yr in Europe and world wide. Call of duty is probably the undisputed king of last gen games selling so many damn copies even though the last cod i bought was mordern warfare 2. I am not the biggest fan of cod to be honest but you can't deny its a pretty hot game.

Killzone while i am a fan does not even come close to the popularity of fifa or call of duty.

kinnect will likely (almost certainly) be better than ps eye considering the amount microsoft has invested in it compared to sony.

So fifa and cod > killzone shadowfall (i disagree but i doubt many ppl will considering the sales of the games)

kinnect > ps eye

so the only thing you are really getting here is an extra controller. I guess that extra controller makes up the difference for u and makes it way better.

Enemy1933d ago

"Killzone while i am a fan does not even come close to the popularity of fifa or call of duty"

By your logic, Call of Duty is the best FPS franchise of all time, due to popularity. If you believe this, I actually feel sorry for your standards.

Ju1932d ago

Crazy. CoD and Fifa is more of the same. Not a must to get a new console.

This is an awesome bundle. 2nd controller + Camera alone is worth it. KZ for free! Wow. And this is a must for a new console.

HammadTheBeast1932d ago

CoD and Fifa are only available for EU/NA pre-orders.

90% of the players of both those games are casuals. Casuals don't pre-order.

Let's not forget, "Limited Supplies".

sonarus1931d ago

@ Enemy
Don't be dumb. I never said killzone was better than cod or cod was better than killzone. However to imply that PS4 500 bundle is vastly superior to xbox bundle is stupid when you look at the facts.

I don't know the numbers but i know COD sells about 8 million every yr with each release. I think the best killzone has mustered is 3 million. Based on those sales figures i can say without a doubt more ppl have played COD than Killzone. I have no interest in the new COD i haven't bought a COD since mordern warfare 2. I have owned both killzone games on ps3 and i enjoyed my time with them to a reasonable extent. DId i enjoy it more than COD? probably not because frankly fps isn't really my cup of tea. But to claim that killzone is better than cod in the eyes of the average consumer is just plain dumb when sales figures clearly say otherwise.
I am a gamer who tells my self the truth there is no need to lie to yourself with fanboy nonsense.

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HonestDragon1932d ago

Agreed. This particular bundle is offering more. Sure, FIFA with the Xbox One is enticing for the sports gamer in Europe, but one game that encompasses the most popular sport in the world isn't going to be enough to get gamers in Europe to buy it because they have to consider what else they would get for the system. I just hope that Sony would bring that bundle to North America or something like it.

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sigfredod1933d ago

Sweet deal shame is not available yet in USA

Minato-Namikaze1933d ago

I would have definitely picked up this bundle since i'm already getting shadowfall and a extra controller.

Transporter471933d ago

I would pay for it if it was here in the US.

No_Limit1933d ago

This package is looking sweet! Hope they will have a similar package when Naughty Dog releases their AAA game.

No_Limit1932d ago

LOL the disagrees. What, is having 2 DS4, KZ SF for 499 euro not a sweet package?

HammadTheBeast1932d ago

Nah, this package sucks. I wish they'd just pay MS to put Kinect tech with PS4 as well.

DarkHeroZX1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Lol no thanks MS can keep their shitty kinect. Rather have this package as I will actually use everything it comes with. If I ever buy the X1 the kinect is going straight for the dump. And the PS eye can do a lot of the same stuff Kinect can do.

CocoWolfie1933d ago

that box actually looks really nice :') just hope this comes to other places too :p

GraveLord1933d ago

Wow. For only 100 more Euros you get an extra controller, Killzone and the camera. Talk about value.

I still think its better to have only 1 model at launch though. That price difference needs to be very very clear to consumers as it is going to be Sony's biggest advantage.

Ju1932d ago

I'd get this. I want the camera and I want KZ. Separate this is well beyond $500. Second controller another $60. Only thing, I'd prefer the online addition of the game. Voucher or disk should be optional. Getting lazy putting disks into the drive lately.

ravinash1932d ago

I still like having a collection of games on my shelf. It's not like I spend my time reading books or anything.

Ju1932d ago

Vita remote play is the reason mostly. And because of late I have so many games on my HDD which makes me really lazy going through my library of games which are not on.

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