Final Fantasy XIV Gets Over 230,000 Concurrent Connections, A Free Week of Gameplay Being Considered

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida just gave more insight on what’s up with the game and the server congestion problems that are currently affecting it.

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[email protected]1876d ago

Considered? It should be granted already.

Abriael1876d ago

Since they have to test the fix, they can't finalize how much free time they'll give yet, because they may give more. Keep the spite at bay.

GreatGamePlay1876d ago

Bring More Player to the Game, and get a Week for Free!

Square Enix, that would be a Great Offer.

Tundra1876d ago

Good game, crap servers. Hopefully they fix them soon.

Magicite1876d ago

you dont know what you are alking about. even wow servers are going down and cant hold the load when new expansions come out.

Pain1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

First world problems Bra.

InTheZoneAC1876d ago

lol a free should be free every month after you already paid $40 for the game...

Abriael1876d ago

No it shouldn't. Cheapos can go play crap free to play game, and deal with the supermarket there.

Those that want quality games will have no problem paying a monthly.

You get what you pay for.

Magicite1876d ago

Totally agree with you. 15$ a month is a joke for quality gameplay. Thats about same as watching 2 movies in cinema, which I do monthly.

InTheZoneAC1876d ago

who said anything about free games?

Abriael1876d ago

@InTheZoneAC: free to play and buy to play MMORPGs have pretty much the same extremely low level of quality compared to pay to play.

hkgamer1876d ago

great... shame that i bought the game digitally from eu psn store and i cant even play the game.

people who bought the game digitally from eu store cant even log in to the game since the accounts are not properly synced.

Abriael1876d ago

So? it's going to be solved.

KimoNoir1876d ago

What kind of stupid reply is that abrial? We bought this game a week ago and we can barely play the game. Coming home from work and school trying to log on but cant isnt something we can shrug as nothing... Get a life and and stop asking mom for money for once. Maybe youll see the struggle is real.

hkgamer1876d ago

I probably didn't explain myself properly. SE/Sony could solve my problem easily. Its probably a database error or something.

Just the face that me and other people who chose to buy digitally cannot even register the game properly. Just makes us feel stupid for buying digital since if we bought a physical copy it could have been cheaper and we would be playing/waiting to log onto servers.


My fault is different to most others, PSN EU buyers cannot even register their games properly. we wasnt given a product code so we have to rely on PSN to register our game but that seems to have been buggy or faulty.

Wish I bought a physical copy.

MoneyMeng1876d ago

Please idiots, it doesnt cost $13 a month to run a quality mmo. Guild wars 2 is of quality amd was released more polished than ff14arr and it didnt and still doesnt cost to play every month. FF14 arr is a mediocre mmo surrounded by hype and hardcore fanboys/girls. Tell me one thing FF14 ARR does exceptionally well? Im not saying the game sucks but it definitely isnt the best thing ever. Honestly ive played better f2p mmos, only problem being that their cashshops ruin the experience.

Abriael1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

LOL Guild Wars 2 is a piece of crap compared to FFXIV, and runs on an engine that was already old when guild wars ONE was released.

But by all means, keep playing guild wars 2 for free, while we have fun with a full fledged, full quality MMORPG that aims to keep us engaged instead of making us buy stuff at the game's supermarket.

By calling FFXIV mediocre you make it obvious that you never even saw it, let alone play it.

You get what you pay for.

MoneyMeng1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Piece of shit mmo but still is better quality than FF14ARR. FF14 is P2P mmo and has NO PVP, even f2p and b2p games like gw2 release with pvp (theres no excuse for that whatsoever), which is pretty pathetic! And yes i have played it, ive played many mmos, thats why i know enough to know that it is only a mediocre mmo charging for it just like tera once did. Only reason why it may survive as a p2p mmo is because the hardcore FF fanbase, but it is nothing different from Tera online, another mediocre mmo that was p2p but became f2p. But you are saying you are getting what u pay for so, please tell me what are you getting from FF14arr that other mmos arent giving out? No Pvp? lol

Abriael1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )


It's completely obvious that you never played FFXIV and you're just throwing mud.

PvP is by no means an obligatory, necessary or even standard feature in MMORPG (and some would say thank goodness it isn't there for now, if it attracts people like you. Unfortunately it's going to be implemented soon).

It has the best art direction and graphics of any MMOPRPG to date, the armory system is just perfect, and the game is extremely content heavy and polished. Combat is perfectly paced and tactical (as opposed to that mindless spamfest you have in guild wars 2), music is the best in the genre, the story and writing put every other MMO to shame (besides SWTOR) and more.

Talk about things when you tried them, because you obviously didn't try this one.

By the way, you're entirely ignorant looking at your post below. GW2 didn't invent public quests and chocobos are quite a lot faster than players.

The game is one of the best if not the best MMORPG on the market at the moment, and quite obviously people are willing to pay for it.

With Elder Scrolls online and Wildstar going the P2P route as well, on top of FFXIV, the Pay to Play business model is making a comeback, and cheapos will be more and more limited to the cheap (quality-wise) games. And that's good, as it'll make for better communities with less MMO hoppers and people actually invested in the games.

You get what you pay for.

MoneyMeng1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Those arguments are ridiculous and idiotic.

Just because the graphics of a games are up to date doesnt mean the quality of the game matches the graphic's quality. A similar analogy is if a good looking cake tastes like shit, it doesnt matter how good it looks because it still tastes like shit!

Music in the mmo is the best in the genre. Thats just merely your opinion, GW2 had amazing music and guess what, every cutscene had voice acting, isnt it ironic that a b2p had every scene voice acted and a p2p game like ff14 doesnt have every scene voice acted? you get what you pay for? what are u paying for again? lol

And gw2 may have not invented public questing but it surely did set the standard. Gw2 dynamic quests make the ff14 fate system feel clunky and amateurish.

You get what you pay for..

so you get no pvp, you get a poor man's gw2 dynamic event system, you get lackluster cutscenes with more that half of them not voice acted, and mediocre combat.

In other words you are paying for everything f2p and b2p mmos are giving out, and in some of the areas, what they give out is even of better quality.

Reevaluate about what you are paying for because you really arent paying for anything new or innovative. And yes chocobos do run just as slow as players, maybe a teeny hair faster but its hardly noticeable. The combat is decent at best, the questing system is reptitive and boring. the only thing you are paying for is the graphics, just like tera players once were paying for. and even worse almost every mmo has pvp, you dont even get pvp with ff14, that is just so sad, guess u will have to pve all the way to 50 and hope they patch in pvp sometime soon...

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