PAX Prime 2013: Titanfall Hands On [ThriftyNerd]

Mike Dao of says, "Graphically, the game looks fantastic. Everything about Titanfall proclaims that it is a next generation title, from the solid frame rate to the graphical fidelity that can only be experienced on a next generation console. It is probably the first title for the Xbox One that truly shows off what it can do, and title people should be most excited about."

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u got owned1876d ago

"Graphically, the game looks fantastic. Everything about Titanfall proclaims that it is a next generation title, from the solid frame rate to the graphical fidelity that can only be experienced on a next generation console. "

boom, a lot of good XI games feedback coming out from Pax.

ichdich1876d ago

this game gonna be so epic...!

sincitysir11876d ago

Dude tere are so many titanfall articles that it's starting to ruin it's excitement and novelty. The game looks great and I can't wait to play it but it's appeal diminishes with every article! Doesn't feel like I'm gunna be surprised anymore

Derajcan21876d ago

For real ill read the headlines and comments, I don't want it ruined with spoilers

Bigpappy1876d ago

You know what is true? I don't think PS4 games are being shown today. Buy even at Gamescom there was very little hype behind the PS4 exclusives. Note that Gamescom was in Germany and had many European Journalists. What is going on here? Could someone with more Sony insight explain what is happening? Well other than Media bias.

jobboy1876d ago

huge disappointment... framerate slowdowns (even sub 30), sub 1080p resolution, aliasing and dithering....this is what's happening to ps4 exclusives :(

B-radical1876d ago

Well until theres footage of killzone running at 20fps

JP13691876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Where does it say anything about less than 1080p resolution?
Also, some things to consider:

1) Most likely an older build.
2) There's still plenty of time for GG to optimize. They're quite good at this by the way. Just look at the progress they've made since E3.
3) They've already mentioned their AA solution wasn't complete.
4) The game still looks better than any other launch title, and that's just the MP mode.

Edit: The guy that posted the thread eyeballed the framerate, so not at all as accurate as he would have you believe. He also claimed he saw a live demo of Watch Dogs that had PS4 UI but was running on PC. So yeah, the guy doesn't know what a dev kit is. Real reliable source right there./s

JP13691876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

No need to worry about PS4. If it has teething problems, I can only imagine what the weaker console has in store for MS supporters.

Shots taken from the video on the Sony press site:

u got owned1876d ago


lol, damage control?

JP13691876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Nope, just pointing out simple facts since most people are this site are incredibly ignorant when it comes to game development. It's bullshit when people do it to Ryse and it's the same when they do it to Killzone. Unfinished games are just that. I also pointed out that, for a game that hasn't even hit beta, it looks incredible. No other launch game compares, and if they can get the IQ up and steady the framerate, it will be a very impressive launch title.

Edit: Same guy also posted this:

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staticdash221876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Lol is it really hard to see why?

1. Microsoft is headquartered in seattle, WA. Pax Prime is in seattle. Lots of local journalists who are used to seeing Ms executives and there's also home grown bias since it is an american company.

-I just went to Pax and I can confirm that there's nothing to worry about. I played killzone shadow fall and the game is fine. The framerate is unlocked right now, meaning that it jumps between 30 & 60fps. I was told that this was still an earlier version, not the post gamescom one. There's still 2 months of optimization left.

-Driveclub seems to have gotten a boost in framerate. Still not a full 60fps but it seems like it goes up to 45fps. That's an improvement over the E3 demos.

jobboy1876d ago

finally some good news..thanks

B-radical1876d ago

45 what a random number

FrigidDARKNESS1876d ago

They are showing KZSF and handful of Indie games on ps4 .

FrigidDARKNESS1876d ago

At the beginning of the video the trailer the guy says he was my friend in the Titan Wars......could be a DLC prequel Titan Wars. This game kiccks ass definitely see myself playing this all day having fun.

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