Confessions of a Skyrim Addict

The Publisher of GoozerNation writes, " I was armed to the teeth with a Legendary Ebony sword and a full set of Dragonplate armor and had leveled up to 51. I had already completed the Companions, the thief quest line, the mage quest line (for the second time), the Bard’s college and much more, not to mention innumerable side quests, and had cleared every single dungeon and mine I could find. The chests in each of my homes flow over with jeweled necklaces, rings, ingots of every type; my armories were fully stocked with glowing weapons enchanted with the best magic and if I ever wanted a particular suit of armor, all I had to do was look for it (or just make it again)."

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claud31970d ago

I have clocked over 2,000 hours in skyrim and i have barely done anything mentioned in that article

What does that make me

JimmyJames701970d ago

Yeah, I realize that my almost 300 hours is probably kind of weak compared to other people, but I only started playing a few months ago. I also realize there is a TON of stuff I haven't done yet. I have made enchantments, but I have no idea how I did it or how to make more. I could look it up, but I prefer discovering stuff on my own.

claud31970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Nice... I just have them hours building my character and exploring and just doing randomness

And most importantly, learning the history of the elder scrolls from reading in-game books and notes

Red_Devilz1970d ago

I wish I could play 54hrs a month to persuade myself to pay $15 a month. Just can't see myself paying 3X the amount I pay for PS+ subscription (which I am too happy to pay for) to play just 1 game, that too after purchasing it at full price. -_-


Agreed, that's pretty much why I couldn't get into MMOs, before a lot of them went free to play, that and the gameplay for them seems boring to me. Even if this game interests me I can't seem to justify gaming as a service, no thanks.

Red_Devilz1969d ago

I like MMOs and I was especially looking forward to TESO. But, between study, work, family I can barely get few hours per week to play. Just can't justify paying per month amount (any mount) to any game, not just TESO.


@Red_Devilz, I completely got your point, and was just adding my personal take and preference. I've tried several on the recommendation from friends (even WoW), and just couldn't stay interested beyond 20 - 30 hours in. While my feelings towards MMOs are only relevant to me, I think I see the disagree may have been towards my final comment regarding not being able to justify gaming as a service, where I meant subscriptions on a per game basis, and not something like PS+ (or any other game rental service, etc.).

shadowmist131968d ago

He forgot that you will have to buy the game to,and pay subscriptions.