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There's no doubt about it. Titanfall was above and beyond the best game at this year's E3. It was exhilarating, fresh and it was from those former Infinity Ward boys, Respawn, meaning they have the multiplayer pedigree. That was hands-off though, and as the media, we know full-well that games, especially multiplayer games, can look good until you actually get your hands-on them. Guess what?

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Bigpappy1929d ago

The media seem to be in love with this game. This guy thinks it is the best launch game shown so far... by a mile. Wow.

It looks great when watching others play (your vantage point will only last for a few seconds before someone comes along to waste you), so you got to keep moving.

But Ryse is more my personal type of action. I like killing with the sword. It feels more personal.

GiantEnemyCrab1929d ago

I wouldn't consider this a launch game considering it comes out in 2014. I am super excited about it though. The only gripe would be no single player.

Ryse, DR3 and KI for day one launch titles for me.

Bigpappy1929d ago

good point. I should have said best game shown so far.

P0werVR1928d ago

Or just launch window...


Not having single players shouldn't be that much of a gripe. Besides, it's a mix of MP & SP and a very new and unique take on MP.

Personally, I believe this approach is a game changer to MP where not only is there MP but a more immersive MP. Simply because it's wasted resources on SP that only a very few will play yet most will be playing MP so smart move by Respawn.

SuperLupe1929d ago

"I like killing with the sword. It feels more personal"

That just sounds wrong but funny at the same time lol.

But I understand what you mean. Ryse is also more my kind of game.

sync901929d ago

Except its not a launch game.

malokevi1929d ago

I respectfully disagree, so it'll agree with you anyway. Titafall looks like my crack. But I'm a shooter junky.

moodymofo1928d ago

i dont know what "your crack" looks like but if youre saying that titanfall looks like a$$ then i agree (just kidding)

3-4-51928d ago

I hope this game is awesome.

Finally a game on Microsoft that can show COD fans what they have been missing.

I fell into the trap for a while of not even considering Battlefield, but not that I've played BF3, not sure I'll ever go back to COD.

Halo doesn't count, those fans are their own and most COD players won't or don't play it anyways.

This game could be the one that breaks up the COD community along with BF4.

This is what COD should have evolved into anyways and it will play similar so it will be easy for them to jump into.

Not getting an XB1, but I hope this game sells millions.

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XboxFun1929d ago

Titanfall is really getting that excellent praise. Respawn seems to have nailed it and this might even de-throne CoD.

This game is definitely on the must have list for the Xbox One. I was thinking of jumping the gun and getting it for the 360 but forget that. I need the full experience on the One.

Xbox One day One!

sync901929d ago

I'd love it to de throne cod, it needs a good kicking. the only way it would though, is if it goes multi platform. something that respawn says is impossible....which i dont really believe.

Funantic11929d ago

This game is a must have winner. Not many people have put preorders in for Titanfall cause it releases 9-10 months from now but it will sell like crazy.

dethpuck1928d ago

Not preordering. Going digital for Xbox one bye bye gamestop

christocolus1929d ago

Titanfall doesn't only play great but its fun watching it being played too...Ms should do all they can to keep this exclusive

BlackTar1871929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Not gonna happen. EA wants money and MS can't give them enough money to keep a title taht could earn COD bucks.

You should be fighting to first party exclusives anyways leave the 3rd parties to Multiplatform games.

Funantic11928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

It's mighty funny that EA is developing an exclusive just for the PS4. So that must be going to the X1 too.

christocolus1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )


Thanks mate I actually read that article but I think gamers are reading way too much into specifically says exclusive content for playstation platforms exclusive content includes indie games, dlc's, ps vita games and timed exclusives. Sony didn't specifically say exclusve ps4 titles and they did that for a reason..and most people are gettng over themselves..its funny epic wasn't listed there.I read some comment from a sony fan stating that epic was making an exclusive title for the ps4 . .imo i think ms should announce something similar...

BlackTar1871928d ago

LOL at you funantic linking an article that says Content and not game.

You can't disagree with me for the fact that if EA can get COD money for titanfall they cannot do it on one platform FACT

sync901929d ago

No! it should be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Belking1929d ago

Another impressive preview for Titan fall. This game is gonna be hge.

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